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Top 5 Activities for Take Your Child to Work Day


Here are some activities to try on Take Your Child to Work Day.

This April 25 is Take Your Child to Work Day, an age-old tradition that plenty of professionals, from CEOs to local shop-owners, still eagerly celebrate annually. Help proud moms and dads show off their office digs and job prowess with some fun activities and items for the kids. Need a little advice? Consider these five fantastic Take Your Child to Work Day activities.

5 Fun Activities for Take Your Child to Work Day

  1. Order specially-made T-shirts to celebrate: Let everyone in the office know exactly who’s celebrating this year’s event by ordering a batch of custom T-shirts for kids. With a colorful design and plenty of character, the kids are going to love wearing these shirts, which they can then take home as souvenirs. And if you’re feeling really festive, why not order a selection for the adults, too? Printed with your company logo, this is as stylish as building brand recognition and team spirit gets!
  2. Let kids feel part of the process with office-style fun and games: While you obviously can’t hand the reigns of the company over to the kids quite yet (that’s still a few generations away), make sure they feel like they’re part of the office environment. Kids love to act out adult roles – which is why getting to use the copier somehow manages to be more fun than playing Game Boy. Come up with some clever games that all the kids can enjoy – like an office scavenger hunt or making fun signs and decorations for the event.
  3. Encourage employees to take a long lunch out with their kids: As every employee knows, jobs are about more than just sitting in an office and typing away. Often, you get to know the surrounding area really well, from great restaurants to fun outdoor lunch spots. Give your employees and co-workers the opportunity to head out and show the kids around the area. This will give everyone a chance to relax and stretch their legs before the second half of the day.
  4. Have a backup plan for the young ones: Bringing your kids to work can be a blast – but it can also be exhausting, especially for the kids. Make sure there’s a backup plan in place for the young ones who might not be able to make it through a full day of activities. An empty conference room set up with a TV and a few kids’ movies or TV shows is a great way to while away the last hour or two of the workday.
  5. Provide custom bags or backpacks for the kids to tote home: From candy and prizes to decorations, drawings and other cool stuff they’d made while in the office, the kids are going to have a lot of stuff to bring home with them. Providing them with custom plastic bags and personalized backpacks to help tote all those goodies home is a great way to provide them with another memorable souvenir they won’t forget – and will probably use every day for school!

What Take Your Child to Work Day activities will you try?

Have a lot of kids dropping into your offices this April? Tell us some of your best Bring Your Child To Work Day activities!

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