Sweet 16 Quotes, Sayings, & Messages

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Sweet 16 Quotes, Sayings, & Messages

Of the many milestones that occur during the teenage years, none is so memorable as a sweet 16 party. Filled with ceremony, food, drink, dancing and entertainment, for girls – and, increasingly, boys – across America, a sweet sixteen party is one of the most memorable events a person can experience in a lifetime. From the tiara to the father-daughter dance, it’s a birthday chock full of scrapbook moments.

Help your sweet 16 teen enjoy this step toward adulthood and celebration of youth with a variety of great personalized products, including party favors. Custom Sweet 16 party favors are sure to go over well with all your guests, giving them the opportunity to relive the magic of the night over and over again. In need of a few Sweet Sixteen quotes for your personalized items? InkHead’s got you covered with our list of 16 classics.

Some may be familiar and some may be fresh. Some are from unknown sources, filtered through culture and endless celebrations – others are courtesy of some of the most famous wits, creative minds and musicians of our time or the past. All of them look great adorning anything from custom T-shirts to bags, water bottles, personalized sunglasses, photo frames and – of course – candles.

16 Popular Quotes for Sweet Sixteen Gifts

  1. “Sixteen candles make a lovely light.” – The Crests
  2. “The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.” – Oscar Wilde
  3. “Say goodbye to dolls and toys. Say hello to makeup and boys!”
  4. “An awesome party for a groovy chick / This Sweet 16 party will be a kick!”
  5. “I’ve anxiously awaited for this year to arrive / It’s the year I get to drive.”
  6. “May you build a ladder to the stars / And climb on every rung / May you stay forever young” – Bob Dylan
  7. “It takes a very long time to become young.” – Pablo Picasso
  8. “Queen of Sixteen!”
  9. “We’re never gonna be as young as we are tonight.” – The Summer Set
  10. “Keys, please!”
  11. “The best substitute for experience is being sixteen.”
  12. “You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.”
  13. “The secret to eternal youth is arrested development.”
  14. “Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.”
  15. “Drive now. Text later.”
  16. “Take it easy driving– the life you save may be mine.”

What’s your favorite Sweet Sixteen quote?

There you have it. These sweet 16 quotes are as memorable as the night itself, so start things off right with a few well-chosen words. But how about you? Have any suggestions you’d like to see us add to our list? Perhaps quotes from a favorite John Hughes movie or a few words of wisdom from a favorite teen-literature phenomenon?

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