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4 Great Super Bowl Party Favors

4 Super Bowl Party Favors

Are you ready for the Super Baugh?

Set Your Super Bowl Party Off with Custom Favors

With February 3 drawing ever nearer, you can practically hear all the Super Bowl excitement stirring up like the orchestra before a show. Before things reach the fever pitch that they always do at this time of year, you might want to get a little bit of your Super Bowl shopping out of the way.


Yeah, there’s the chips, 15 varieties of dip, pizza, wings, cases of beer, potato skins, official jerseys, giant foam hands, ball caps, sweatshirts and etc. to consider, but don’t forget the great Super Bowl party promotional items. Whether you’re throwing a game-day event for your office, the members of your charity organization, bowling team, dorm, buddies or whoever, a few cool customized items could really improve the night. They can help unify your team pride or spread word about your brand, charity or company. Hand out Super Bowl goody bags as guests stroll through the door (and then direct them to the beer cooler and guacamole). Try out these four great Super Bowl party favors.

4 Awesome Super Bowl Party Favors

1. Custom koozies: If there’s one thing you can guarantee that will be at any Super Bowl gathering, it’s beer. And while a cold beer on a February night doesn’t sound too bad on the palate, it’s not super comfy in the hand. That’s what beer koozies are for, though – and with custom koozies, you can design your own!

2. Custom footballs: Want to toss a ball around in the snow during halftime? If the beer koozies do their work, you won’t be feeling too chilly – just don’t forget the custom football bearing your corporate or charity logo. See who can throw a perfect spiral. And if you’re all feeling a bit cold, a handful of personalized sweatshirts can help you out!

3. Promotional stress balls: Chances are a few of your guests are going to need these more than the others. If your team’s losing, there’s nothing in the world that’s going to make you feel better – except promotional stress balls.

4. Custom tailgate gear: On the off chance that you’re the luckiest person alive and happened to score tickets to the big game, you can always check out the amazing custom tailgate gear available to you. You don’t need to wait for the Super Bowl to enjoy this stuff, either – it’s perfect for fans year-round.

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