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Summer Safety Tips: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

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summer safety tips

Summer safety tips should be on your mind. During the summer, we alternate between loving and hating the sun. True, it gives us beautiful, warm days and keeps the sky light until well after 7 p.m. But the summer sun is also unrelenting, exhausting and just as likely to give us a really bad burn as a good-looking tan.

The best way to enjoy the sun this time of year is safely–and these summer safety tips should be your guide. Sunburn or excessive sun exposure is much more than just an inconvenience after all–it’s a serious danger to your health. Going into this season, make sure you and your family are up-to-date on summer safety tips. It’s also worth reminding your employees or co-workers as well. If you coach a sports team or run a school group, take this chance to educate players and students about the importance of sun safety. You can even do it in a fun way, using promotional items, like custom sunscreen. In fact, June 2 to June 8 is Sun Safety Week, which presents the perfect opportunity. Just make sure you hit on these five key safety tips for summer.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Summer Safe!

  1. Schedule your activity around peak sun exposure times – According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ultraviolet radiation info, these harmful rays are most intense at noon when the sun has reached its peak in the sky and the UV rays have the least distance to travel through the Earth’s atmosphere. To stay safe, plan your summer activities so that you can stay sheltered at noon. In fact, on particularly warm or clear days, the FDA recommends avoiding direct sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  2. Wear sunscreen – When you do go out – even on cloudy and overcast days – don’t forget to wear sunscreen. As the American Cancer Society notes, it’s best to pick sunscreens with broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Choose those with SPFs of 30 or higher for the best guard against the sun. Layer sunscreen on thickly and remember to reapply every few hours.
  3. Don’t forget your hat – This is a must for anyone without adequate hair to cover his or her head – but hats are suggested for everyone venturing out into the sun. Not only will a brim help to shade your eyes against glare, it will offer your head a little added protection from UV rays. Promotional caps make for fun summer gifts around the office, especially during Sun Safety Week.
  4. Cover up – One of the pleasures of the summer is dressing down in T-shirts and shorts. Unfortunately, these lightweight clothing options also mean increased sun exposure. If you venture out during the worst hours for sun exposure, be safe and cover up. This means donning long sleeves and pants, but your arms and legs aren’t the only parts of you that need shielding. Sunglasses are handy any time of year, but during the summer they’re absolutely essential. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can seriously damage your vision over time, sunglasses make it easier to see and enjoy a beautiful, bright day. Why not invest in a batch of personalized sunglasses for your employees or sports team?
  5. Don’t overdo it – Time outdoors is unavoidable. Whether it’s a baseball game, yard work, a trip to the beach or running errands in your car – no one can put their lives on hold just because the sun is overbearing. But if you’ve spent significant time outdoors and are feeling weary, don’t take chances – find a cool, indoor place to rest for a bit. Dehydration, sun sickness, heat stroke and other conditions can creep up on you. Play it safe and stay in the shade whenever possible.

What Tips Can You Offer Our Customers?

Have any summer safety tips of your own? Let us know what they are!

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