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10 Summer Gifts Perfect for Your Next Promotion


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Summer Gifts Customized

Use custom summer gifts to get customers excited about your business, attract new prospects, or to reward employees for their hard work.

When the weather heats up, there’s nothing like a cool gift to entice prospects, excite customers, and attract new audiences.

InkHead has thousands of custom promotional products that would be perfect for a private event pool party, company picnic gifts, church picnic giveaways.

10 Items Perfect for Summertime Promotions and Events

  1. Custom Hand Fans: Anyone who has been to an outdoor event in the summer knows the value of a hand fan. Make sure your audience can stay comfortable by doling out one of our several hand fans.
  2. Promotional Sunscreen: It’s official: the sun can cause long-term and irreparable damage to your skin. Keep folks protected by ordering sunscreen with your own custom label.
  3. Custom Koozies: There’s nothing worse than a warm beverage on a hot summer’s day. Help customers and employees combat “hot soda syndrome” with a can cooler from InkHead!
  4. Personalized Tank Tops: Planning a company picnic or some other outdoor event? Make sure your attendees can stay comfortable with summertime apparel like a tank top.
  5. Custom T-Shirts: The flexibility and versatility of custom t-shirts make them great giveaways and gifts any time of year, including summer.
  6. Promotional Water Bottles: Road races, sports camps, and other outdoor events are great places to offer water bottles. And with well over 300 styles to choose from, InkHead has a water bottle to fit your budget.
  7. Custom Flying Discs: What is it about the flying disc that makes it so appealing? Is it how easily people can learn how to throw one? Is it the number of games one can play with a flying disc? Is it because they look like UFOs? No matter the reason, you know you can’t go wrong with a flying disc from InkHead.
  8. Custom Sunglasses: At InkHead, we sell thousands of custom sunglasses every month. Maybe it’s because sunglasses are just naturally “cool,” or but we think it’s because they’re a unique giveaway that are sure to be used time and again afterwards.
  9. Promotional Beach Balls: Looking for something a little different? Think beach balls! Not only are they a cool gift, they’re fun for the whole family!
  10. Embroidered Towels: South Park‘s Towelie always said “don’t forget to bring a towel!” And with good reason, too. Towels are useful at the beach, the pool, the bathroom, the car, anywhere!

The Bottom Line

A cool gift during the hot months of the summer can go a long way with customers, employees, and prospects. By employing one of the giveaways above, you are certain to build further awareness of your business with the people that matter most to you.

Have you used any of the summer gifts above in one of your promotions? What impact did it have? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Looking for summer promotional products? Shop Summer Promotional Items »

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