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Steve Jobs Steps Down as Apple CEO

In case you haven’t heard already, Steve Jobs announced last night that he would be stepping down as CEO of Apple effective immediately. While he is still remaining on the company’s board of directors, he has handed day-to-day responsibilities to Tim Cook. Jobs, already on medical leave since January, has been battling cancer for several years, and he no longer feels he is up to the task of running the world’s biggest tech company. We wish him well and hope he enjoys his semi-retirement.

While I have never been a huge fan of Macs, I must admit that Jobs’s impact on the technology landscape is immeasurable. Thanks to Jobs and Apple, we stopped using floppy discs, buying CDs and using our cell phones for just making and receiving phone calls. If the iPad continues its current success, we may even see the end of the traditional desktop computer as we know it.

The three big products Apple has released in the last decade—the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad—have revolutionized people’s lives, which is why InkHead is proud to offer custom cases and accessories for all three devices.

Promotional iPod CasesCustom iPod Accessories: While the iPod has largely been outmoded by the iPhone and other smartphones like it, many people still use iPods to listen to music, especially for working out and other physical activity. Make sure they keep the device safe with the Behop Leather Case, which features a back snap closure to attach the case to a belt. There’s also a swivel and detachable handle, adding further convenience to the item.

Custom iPhone SkinsPromotional iPhone Skins: Back when the iPhone was first released, I had a Blackberry and didn’t see what the appeal really was, aside that you could see all the smudges left by your ear after a phone call. That was until I really used one. One of our hottest sellers is the Full Color Vinyl Skin for iPhone 4, which is a white vinyl label with removeable 3M ControlTac adhesive. The full-bleed of the label offers maximum space for your full-color imprint!

Custom iPad CasesCustomized iPad Cases: The iPad is the latest game-changer from Jobs and company, and while we are only seeing its initial impact, the fact remains that tablets are changing the way we think about computing as much they have changed the way we interact with computers. The Guardian iPad Zipper Sleeve, a protective neoprene sleeve that fits both the original iPad and the iPad 2, is a bright color sleeve with a contrasting white zipper. Finished with secure zig-zag stitching, the case will keep your tablet safe even when it’s in your bag, briefcase or tote.

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