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Ten best St. Patrick's Day promotional products

Looking for ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day promotion? You’re in the right place.

Are you looking for marketing ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

As the luck of the Irish would have it, St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 each year, whether it’s a weekend or work day. Nonetheless, you can be sure that plenty of folks are hitting up the local tavern for a pint of Guinness or three. It’s the one day of the year when everyone’s Irish, after all. So whether you’re celebrating with a scone buttered with Kerrygold and indulging in a little W.B. Yeats or heading to the local pub with your pals for some Smithwick’s, consider how these promotional products might benefit your local shop or giant corporation. You won’t need a lucky four leaf clover to help spread your brand on this holiday!

10 Incredible Product Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Beer mugs: Promotional beer mugs are a given on St. Patrick’s Day, because there’s plenty of brew flowing from taps at restaurants and bars across the community – much of it green! Set up your employees with personalized mugs as a “Thank you” for their hard work and effort.
  2. Pint glasses: Beer mugs are all well and fine for any brew with green food coloring, but when it comes to a true Irish beer like Guinness, you don’t want to mess around with glassware. Guinness is meant to be served in a pint, and why not make it a custom pint glass bearing an Gaelic saying or two alongside your bar’s name?
  3. Shot glasses: Of course, for those who prefer Jameson or Bushmills down at the bar, there are always promotional shot glasses or whiskey sipping glassware.
  4. Coasters: Whether you’re hosting a party in your home or own a bar and happen to need some coasters, nothing’s going to protect wood surfaces better than these. A few promotional coasters here and there are a great, affordable St. Patty’s day investment.
  5. Coffee cups: For those who like to start their morning with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea, a personalized coffee mug could be the perfect gift. A fleet of these promotional items could be ideal for any local coffee shop looking to stock seasonal drinkware, as well.
  6. Green T-shirts: There’s nothing like a little emerald to show one’s national pride, and since everyone’s Irish on March 17, there are sure to be plenty of custom green T-shirts making the rounds. If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party at work, this is a great way to divide employees into groups for various team-building exercises.
  7. Bottle openers: Looking for a quick, cheap and fun promotional giveaway to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day? You can’t go wrong with custom bottle openers. Simply put, these are handy to have around the house or office and make for great press kit additions at trade shows.
  8. Buttons: If you’re looking for a fun item to hand out at the office to all your employees, a few promotional buttons with shamrocks or traditional Irish sayings could be a great option. These are also a fantastic idea for schools.
  9. Stickers: Of course, stickers are just as fun and make for another great casual handout for pretty much any employer. Need a quick 21 or older identifier at your pub? A custom sticker could be a great solution.
  10. Water bottles: Come March 17, many folks are going to be in dire need of some water. Encourage a safe evening and good health by handing out a few promotional water bottles and reminding workers to drive responsibly and stay hydrated!

What are your ideas for St. Patrick’s Day?

That’s our list of ten great products you’ll want this St. Patty’s Day, but there are scores of ideas still out there. What other great items can you think of that we could add a little “Erin go bragh” to?

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