Sports Team Uniforms Are Great Promotional Resources for Your Business

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Sports Team Uniforms Are Great Promotional Resources for Your Business

It’s no secret that custom promotional products can be great ways to supplement your business’ ongoing advertising efforts. Whether it’s offering a mug of free custom pens at your front desk, passing out custom coffee mugs at a town event or rewarding loyal customers with promotional tote bags, these items serve as subtle reminders of how much your organization appreciates its customer base.


However, for promotional items to truly be effective, you need to reach people beyond your existing customer base. After all, offering a beer koozie to someone who has already been shopping in your store isn’t going to attract any new business – you need to seek out potential customers as well.


Sports sponsorships

So what’s a way you can generate some good will while simultaneously spreading the word about your business? You might want to look into sponsoring a local sports team with uniforms that feature your company’s name on the front. While you might not get the same attention as sponsoring a professional football or baseball star, local sports league generally attract a large number of parents and families to games. And seeing that your business has fronted some of the cash to supply their children with crisp uniforms and perhaps some much-needed equipment is sure to bring new customers your way.


Uniform designs

Now that you’ve realized the promotional potential of sponsoring a local sports team – whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or hockey – you need to figure out what sort of design is right for your uniforms.


According to Wearables Magazine, town sports leagues typically don’t feature uniforms that are too over the top or complex in colors and patterns – and this makes your investment more manageable.


“Athletic color trends are much slower to develop momentum than regular fashion colors,” said Andy Lehrer, vice president of Teamwork Athletic Apparel to the news source. “The ‘big four’ colors, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Navy Blue and Black, still account for well over half of all uniforms designed and purchased.”

Business logo

Considering that half the point of this venture is getting your business a little extra exposure around town, you should also keep your logo in mind when designing uniforms. You want people to be able to see your company name, but don’t let it completely dominate the look of the uniforms. After all, local sports leagues are supposed to be about the kids. Keep you logo visible without making it seem like your intention is to turn potential customers’ children into walking billboards – even if that is the end result.

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