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Top 20 promotional products your athletic department and sports team need

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Quality equipment and gear are important to any sports team. But sometimes the school athletic department or minor league manager needs to add a little extra character to a team’s image. Sports team marketing is easy to do with the right promotional products. Whether you’re looking to rep your high school team louder than ever, want to draw larger crowds to your youth league baseball game or hope to celebrate last year’s winning NCAA season with new gear, InkHead has the must-have list for you.

These top 20 items are great for players and for fans. While the top 10 products will keep players in the game and proud to represent their school or team, the next 10 are perfect for fans clamoring for ways to show their support.

20 Sports Team Apparel and Equipment Product Ideas

1. Water bottles

Whether it’s practice, game time or off season workouts, your players need to maintain hydration and stay healthy. Inspire them to drink more water all day long with team water bottles customized with logos or slogans.

2. Performance apparel

In or out of the game itself, your players need the very best in performance apparel. Do right by your team with quality shirts and shorts from trusted brands like Nike, Champion and Sport-Tek. And, of course, you can get this brand-name sports wear customized to your team’s needs.

3. Duffel bags

This athletic must-have is the kind of custom product that needs to be replaced every so often. That’s just the nature of tough workouts and training! This year, why not go with a trusted designer like Nike or High Sierra so you know those promotional sports bags will last for trip after trip to and from the locker room.

4. Headbands

These keep sweat out of the eyes, which is essential for just about any sport. But headbands are also a style statement. In bright, bombastic colors, they offer players a fun way to stand out and make a fashion statement on or off the court.

5. Wristbands

What’s the ideal companion to flashy headbands? How about personalized wristbands also designed with your team or school name? This is the perfect option for tennis superstars with a dash of style.

6. Sweats

From track to basketball, no athlete can go without his or her team sweats. A hoodie and pair of cozy sweatpants are a must for any team – they’re great sports wear and can help players stay relaxed, calm and limber before the big event. Plus, printed with your team or school name across the front in giant letters, they’re excellent promotion!

7. Sports balls

Ever wanted your team to practice with tailor-designed soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs or other equipment? Now you can get custom sports balls with your team or school name printed proudly across their fronts. These also make great giveaways for game MVPs!

8. School supplies

Middle school, high school and college athletics all hinge on academic achievement as well. If you’re leading a school league team, invigorate your players inside and outside the classroom with custom school supplies. This way they can rep their team, even in the middle of a history or chem lecture.

9. Caps

Baseball isn’t the only sport in need of quality headwear. Promotional ball caps are a fantastic team investment, and they’re especially useful for outdoor practices on a sunny day.

10. Designer watches

Did your team go all the way last season? If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation, consider investing in personalized designer watches for each and every player. It’s an investment, but this is a sports souvenir these players will cherish for the rest of their careers. InkHead has a variety of stylish watches to choose from, all from trusted designers and brands.

Need more ordering ideas for sports team products? Check out Team InkHead’s sports products wish list now for our most popular items and put a perfect order together in minutes!

11. Folding chairs

When you’re looking for promotion products that target not only players, but the fans and family in the bleachers as well, one of your best targets is comfort. Make sure that the fans are cozy and they’ll keep coming back before. Promotional folding chairs in your team colors are a great option for long-term fans who prefer to sprawl by the sidelines.

12. Spirit towels

There are few items more ideal for showing off a school emblem or team logo than a spirit towel. Your image is going to be colorful, front and center on this must-have item.

13. Car magnets

Let proud parents adorn their station wagons and mini vans with their kids’ teams’ logos on car magnets. These are sure to draw praise.

14. Bumper stickers

Why not offer this alternative? With their classic panoramic shape, custom bumper stickers offer fans and parents a unique way to show their support.

15. Car flags

Want to deck out your team’s fanbase and their vehicles even more? Car flags are a fun alternative to magnets or bumper stickers.

16. Pennants

Athletic pennants are a classic souvenir for sports across the country. Offer these to visitors at your concession stands in a range of bright colors.

17. Bottled water

On hot days, game-goers are going to get pretty thirsty. Quench that with custom bottled water for sale around the bleachers and at the concession stands.

18. Spirit hands

Is there a more classic symbol of the devoted fan than a giant foam hand? Customize your spirit hands by color and style with your team name printed right on the front.

19. Sunglasses

Games played in the blazing sun can be tough on players, but folks in the bleachers are going to need some premium eyewear as well. Why not offer sports team sunglasses to fans and players alike?

20. T-shirts

If there’s one promotional item that fans are most likely to leave the game with, it’s a team T-shirt. Everyone loves a cozy tee that shows off their team pride.

Stock up on some or all of these sports gear and concession stand giveaways!

In need of new athletic gear or want to add promotional products to your sports team’s marketing campaign? InkHead can help you out, starting with performance apparel for the team and spirit items for the fans. Don’t miss all the great sports promotional gear!

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