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Some Eggs With My Spam, Please


InkHead Promotional ProductsI’m exhausted. Not only do my duties with InkHead keep me hopping, but I’ve got all that medication to order, at least three Russian mail-order brides to take care of, and those fake Rolex watches to buy. I’ve lost a lot at the casino, but it’s all right because of the European bank errors in my favor and the cancer widows who’ve chosen me to handle their late husbands’ money and that Nigerian prince in exile who’s going to set me up for life…

Like most of you, the battle with spam occupies a great deal of my time. After all it’s estimated that unsolicited bulk email constitutes 81% of all email sent worldwide. It’s almost the perfect business, requiring little actual work beyond distribution programming and virtually no overhead. Most spam is sent on gutted laptops from cyber cafes around the world and requires the sender to know almost nothing about computers. And despite the efforts of legislators on every continent except Antarctica and legions of counter-programmers to combat it, spam continues to spread as long as we keep opening it – and 46% of recipients do, even ones who know better. It is estimated that dealing with spam costs global business over $100 billion (USD) in lost productivity annually. Nobody can afford to lose that much money, not even Nigerian princes in exile.

It’s this concern with spam, viruses, hacking, and other dangers of the electronic frontier that make many people wary of shopping on the Internet. As one of the places on the Internet where we’d like people to shop, it’s a good thing to remind people now and then of InkHead Promotional Products’ rock-solid commitment to cyber-security. Like any Net-based business we rely on our customers’ trust, and it’s a responsibility we take with deadly seriousness.

First of all, in order to do business with our customers, we collect information to place your order, stay in , and ship your promotional products to you in a timely manner. We ask for your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information (or credit credentials if your organization is a nonprofit). All information is processed through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption system, which over the last year we have doubled for extra security. Once the order is completed, all credit card information goes away. We don’t keep it on file for any reason. If you choose to order from us again, and we hope you do, you’ll have to resubmit your credit card numbers.

While we’ll have your email address to keep in touch during ordering and production, and to send your virtual proof for approval, it’s not going anywhere. We absolutely will not sell, give away, or otherwise distribute your email address to any third party. Nor will you hear from us if you don’t wish. We will ask if you’d like to subscribe to our email newsletter to be kept apprised of upcoming deals and specials, but if you say no, that means no.

Every page on our website carries a “McAfee Secure” certification from our antivirus software provider. We submit our site to McAfee for testing daily to make sure that our site is loaded with the most up-to-date protection available against viruses, hackers, and other cyber-vermin.

All of this information is spelled out clearly in the Privacy Policy section of our Knowledge Base for your perusal. Nobody knows better than we do what a chaotic and often dangerous place cyberspace can be. That’s why it is vital that businesses such as ours continue to act as responsible netizens and vigilant cyber-crimefighters. We at InkHead want your business, and that means creating the most secure shopping environment possible, 24/7.

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