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7 smart holiday marketing ideas that are proven to work

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holiday marketing ideas

Holiday marketing ideas that you can employ immediately.

If you’re like most small- to mid-sized businesses, the holiday season is a critical time to meet annual sales projections. There are a set of consumer trends unique to the holidays that you can take advantage of to increase customer and sale. Here are 7 smart holiday marketing ideas that work.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business with a web site or you’re 100% Internet-centric, this collection of marketing and sales ideas have the potential to make this holiday a banner season for your sales results. Use them singularly or in tandem to create your own versatile marketing plan.

1.     Focus on site conversion first, traffic later.

Most small- to mid-sized businesses don’t have a traffic problem–they have a conversion problem. Sending massive amounts of paid traffic to landing pages that don’t convert burns through an ad budget quickly. Focus on turning visitors into buyers (or whatever your CTA might be), and then focus on driving traffic.

2.     Mix up your offers and CTAs consistently.

One of the surest sales killers during the holidays is to become drowned in a sea of offers that sound like those emanating from every other web site or store. That said, successful sales efforts routinely mix-up their offers using fresh language and strategies that make them stand out from the crowd

3.     To be on point, make sure you’re on time.

Money is attracted to speed. Get your sales strategy and marketing plan cemented mid-year so that you’re ready for the months-long holiday shopping season. Also, plan for the various shopping surges and customize your message for each. Women like to start shopping early, while men tend to wait until the last minute.

4.     Presell with content throughout the year.

Customers tend to buy from sites and stores that have an established relationship with. Create connections from Day #1 by providing info-packed content via direct mail and your web site. You’ll not only educate your customers, but they’ll buy from you first because they see you as an expert.

5.     Social networks are everyone’s friend–use them.

If you’ve been resisting suggestions that you dive into the social media pool, it has now become a mandate. Companies that use social media enjoy such an advantage over those that don’t–and the faster you get involved, the more customer impressions you’ll gain. A word to the wise–research best practices in social media interaction before making the leap because doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all.

6.     Kick it into high gear for the postseason.

Just when you think the buying season is over, that’s when the real opportunity begins. Postseason shopping madness hits fervor in the week after Christmas and before New Year’s–so, creating a strategy for marketing and sales during this time is smart.

7.     Give out custom holiday appreciation gifts to customers and clients

Custom holiday appreciation gifts are one of holiday marketing ideas you can use to maximize your brand awareness. A quality corporate gift offers you maximum logo impressions for your marketing dollar. Plus, the good will that comes with giving a gift will go a long way in earning you referrals and repeat business.

InkHead Promotional Products has the experience and tools to help you create a dynamic promotional strategy and raise your brand awareness during the holiday season. Thousands of businesses trust us to deliver holiday promotional products for their employees, clients, and customers–shouldn’t you?

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