Send employees long distance with these flight-friendly promotional products


Send employees long distance with these flight-friendly promotional products

Most of the world is split into three categories when it comes to flying in airplanes and jumbo jets. You have your frequent flyers – the folks who do it with ease, whether they like flying or not, and treat the whole thing like a subway commute or necessary evil. Then there are the people who are constantly awed and seem to love flying (although they change their tunes on flights of six hours or more). And then there’s the third category – folks who simply hate flying. Hopefully whatever employee you’re sending long-distance for work isn’t the third kind of person. But even if they are, a few of these stylish and handy promotional products are likely to save the day. More fun (and relaxing) than a mid-flight cocktail, these items are sure to make the trip a breeze – and they’ll spread your company logo widely, too!

3 Promotional Items for Flights

Stylish top-of-the-line earbuds
How modern man ever existed without earbuds and iPods, we may never know – especially when it comes to flying. Whether your employee is checking out a movie, catching up on favorite podcasts or simply relaxing with some tunes, custom headphones such as the Color Pop Earbuds are a great investment, especially when they come in a stylish carrying case imprinted with your company logo.

Protective iPad and tablet sleeve
The iPad and other tablet computers are becoming necessities as companies across the world. Highly portable, sleek and powerful, these technological wonders are shaping the way business gets done in the 21st century. Luckily, they’re pretty fun to take on planes too. In between gaming session or reading a best-seller, make sure your employee has a protective place to house his or her tablet with a promotional tablet accessories like the Brushed Fleece-Lined Media Sleeve silk-screened with your company logo or slogan.

Rolling duffel bag
The only thing worse than packing a bag for a plane trip is carrying that bag from terminal to terminal before your flight. Save your employee that hassle with a personalized travel bag like the Urban passage Rolling Duffel. With inline skate wheels equipped for smooth rolling, it’ll make travel a breeze while allowing your employee to proudly display his or her team pride in your company! Want to amp up that office loyalty even more? Send your employee on that plane in cozy style with a customized sweatshirt like the Fruit of the Loom hooded sweatshirt, silk-screened with the logo or image of your choice.

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