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Believe it or not, the summer is already coming to an end and the kids are getting ready to come back. The question is: Is your school ready? Don’t worry. With Team InkHead as you back to school stores partner, we can give you solid lesson plans for building school spirit to keep the students happy and keep your budget low.

  • Back to School Store Items. The coolest gear that kids love–backpacks, spirit wear, and classroom supplies customized with your mascot
  • School Fundraisers Ideas. Perfect promo products for school club fundraisers–specialty t-shirts and unique gifts
  • Promotional Guidance. Our promotions experts specialize in getting your staff up to date on how to promote your school throughout the year

If you can’t tell already, we love back to school and we know the strategies to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. Smiles on faces and school spirit in the air–here’s what you need to know to make it happen.

School Store Items that are Sure to Sell

The school store is such a critical part of any elementary school, high school, or college. School store items not only build school spirit, but they provide vital funds that support staff and students. Here’s what you need to know when you begin planning to fill back to school stores:

  • Choose Products with Staying Power. Spirit wear–such as t-shirts, pullovers, and hats–are always big sellers and should make the cornerstone of your stock
  • Select Multiple Price Points. Your school store items should represent a wide range of prices to ensure that your students can express their school spirit on any budget
  • Set Up an Ordering Strategy. Avoid buying too much stock, or too little, by connecting with an InkHead promotional expert and monitoring your sales trends

Done right, your school store can be one of your biggest income opportunities. Count on Team InkHead to provide essential suggestions and ordering advice to maximize your operations

School Fundraisers Ideas with Huge Return on Investment

With so many economic challenges facing your school, coming up with smart school fundraiser product ideas has never been more important. That said, InkHead has worked with hundreds of schools on every level to create dynamic campaigns that bring in some very big bucks. Here’s what we’ve learned, and what you need to know, about launching a successful fundraising project:

  • Themes Always Sell Better. InkHead offers a wide range of theme-specific items that compliment any team, club, or event
  • Promo Packs Cost Less. Creating a promotional pack of items maximizes emotional impact while easing the cost impact on your budget
  • Order Early and Often. Planning ahead for school fundraisers ideas means less stress and a guarantee that your items will arrive ahead of schedule

Get expert education and back to school promotions advice in real-time from Team InkHead. This is just a brief glimpse of how InkHead Promotional Products does back to school. Interested in learning more? Ready to put a strategy in place? Contact one of our school promo experts today and let’s get your school ready for the fall. We’ll listen to your goals, consider your budget, and deliver fresh promotional campaign suggestions along with a timeline for order completion.

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