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10 School Spirit Ideas to Make Your School Spirit Store Cool

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School stores aren’t designed to be huge financial enterprises, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful. Your school store should be measured on two metrics:

  • Are you building school spirit?
  • Do the kids keep coming back for more?

To accomplish both of these, you need a quality school supplies and spirit wear checklist.

10 School Spirit Ideas for Your School Spirit Store

Nothing inspires excitement and morale around a student body like a few promotional items. Make sure your shop is equipped with all of these.

  1. Pens and pencils. Cheap for you and just as affordable for students, this should top every school store’s list. Keep writing utensils in stock at all times. Pencil sharpeners, white out and erasers are also great ideas, all customizable for school colors or images.
  2. Notebooks and pads. Students and teachers can use customized notebooks or pads with school letterhead for informal notes and letters. Sticky notes are also useful, especially for students who need to take notes without marking up books.
  3. Calculators. Don’t send students to math class without them. Calculators make short work of basic arithmetic as well as square root conundrums. Plus, they look great in school colors.
  4. Backpacks. Kids need to ferry books back and forth from home to school somehow, so why not help them do it in style? School backpacks can proudly display logos, team mascots or other eye-catching images.
  5. Sports balls. Speaking of teams, if you have any championship winners, you can consider having that honor printed on a basketball, football, soccer ball or volleyball. Offer these to students at the school store as well as parents at the next game. Sports balls make for great memories.
  6. Ear buds. They might not be allowed in school, but earbuds can make the walk or bus ride home a lot more entertaining. Various colorful options come in custom cases that you choose the outer design for.
  7. USB drive. The days of the floppy disc and CD are long gone, but there’s still plenty of digital storage to sell at your school store. Offer students and teachers customized USB flash drives that can fit in their pocket or hang on their key chain.
  8. Water bottles. The amount of waste that plastic and wax paper water cups waste annually is astounding. Selling water bottles in your store with the school emblem or slogan on them is a great way to encourage green behavior in students.
  9. Sweatshirts. This is the ultimate school spirit item. School apparel has always been big, especially when it comes to letter jackets, but a sweatshirt is a product that lets anyone rep their high school with pride, whether they’ve excelled in sports, chess club or the arts department.
  10. Flags, pennants and pep rags. These are great for major sporting events, pep rallies, marching band competitions or parties. They’ll help students celebrate in style and make for excellent souvenirs of high school’s most memorable moments. Why not throw in a few customized megaphones for good measure?

No high school stores are complete without these supplies, but plenty of middle and elementary schools could benefit as well. Just consider subbing in some more kid-friendly items, like bookmarks, colorful rulers and crayon sets.

Using these items, you can elevate your school spirit to the next level. Start small with custom pencils or promotional calculators, and once those take off make sure you introduce sweatshirts and caps that can help students rep their school pride. Don’t forget to shop InkHead’s variety of custom apparel options.

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