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Why Should You Run a Facebook Contest?


Why Should You Run a Facebook Contest?
Thanks to its 750 million active users, Facebook has become the new marketing frontier for most companies, many of which are struggling to attain an audience on their Facebook pages—making Facebook contests an ideal solution.

Contests are good for several reasons, namely to amass fans, engage your audience, collect data, and convert prospects into brand advocates. What’s more, by coupling a Facebook contest with a business promotional gift, you will literally have customers clamoring to market your brand for you.

So why should your company hold a Facebook contest? Let’s take a look at the 4 reasons Ben Pickering offered Mashable.

4 Reasons to Run a Facebook Contest

  1. A well-advertised contest will help your company amass Facebook fans.
    That means mentioning the contest to current customers, posting about it on the website and even dedicating an email to your subscriber base. The more people you can tell about the contest, the more fans you should have once it’s over.
  2. Contests increase company interaction with customers.
    One of the biggest benefits to social networks is more open connection between companies and their consumers. Run a contest to connect with your customers on a more meaningful level.
  3. Learn more about your customers through contests.
    Contests are a rich source of data; use one to gather additional metrics on your customers: their buying habits, browsing history, etc.
  4. Contests empower consumers to do your marketing for you.
    By encouraging customers to tell their friends about your contest, you enable those people to act as brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your company for you. Multiply that effect by giving contest-winners a business promotional item such as a customized apparel or a printed canvas tote bag that will be seen hundreds of times each month.

A Word of Caution

Before you run a contest on Facebook, however, make sure you have familiarized yourself with Facebook’s policies surrounding contests. Many of the ideas you find online are actually against their terms of service, and you run the risk of having your page deactivated if you go against them. The easiest way to run a contest in line with Facebook policies is to use a third-party app such as North Social or Wildfire.

The Bottom Line

With over 375 million users logged in daily, Facebook is the newest target for companies to advertise their services. Use a contest to accelerate the growth of your fan base, speak with your customers, garner useful data, or enable others to market your business for you.

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