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How Are You Coping with Rising Food Prices?


8 Products to Cope with Rising Food Prices

Going Up…

Every Sunday, I go grocery shopping for the week. Despite dutifully clipping coupons, buying sale items, and using a frequent shopper card, my weekly bill for groceries has steadily climbed for the last several months. I have already cut down on dining out, I bring my lunch to work nearly every day, and I have stopped buying coffee from speciality stores except for two days a month. It seems that no matter what I do, my food bills are spiraling out of control.

Chances are that several of your customers and employees are experiencing the same situation. While the economy has started to thaw, food prices have risen consistently over the last several months. In fact, the Food Bank recently found that food prices have risen over 15% from October 2010 to January of this year. For example, new statistics from an April 15 report by the Consumer Price Index show that “coffee prices are up 27 percent, fruits and vegetables are up 23 percent and soft drinks are up 14 percent.”

If that weren’t enough, a new report from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has found that up to 1/3 of the world’s food goes to waste—either through loss or waste. Food loss is prevalent in developing nations where underdeveloped distribution channels result in contamination. Food waste is more common in developed nations like the United States where people simply do not eat stored food quickly enough or get more than what they need.

8 Products to Cope with Rising Food Prices

The following 8 products will help your customers fight rising food costs in some way or another. Some of the items featured here will help your clients store food more effectively, and other items will encourage them to make better spending decisions.

  • Promotional Food Containers

    Promotional Food ContainersWith up to one-third of the world’s food going to waste due to poor storage techniques, ordering food containers customized with your company’s name or logo is a good first step to fighting rising food costs. With a custom Tupperware container, people will be able to store leftovers, thereby extending the shelf life of the food for a few more days. hand out the containers to attendees at trade shows or visitors to your office. Not only will they appreciate the small gift, they will also value the item for its utility.

  • Univeral Soda Lids

    How often have you opened a soda, drank some of it, and wanted to save the rest? Canned sodas go flat after a few hours if left open, but there is no way to seal a can once it’s been opened. Extend the life of a Coke by ordering some custom soda lids, which are made to fit over an open canned beverage.

  • Insulated Lunch Bags

    Insulated Lunch BagsOne of the first cutbacks I had to make after gas and food prices started their ascent was going out to lunch. I started bringing my lunch, and not long afterward, I procured a reusable lunch bag, mainly to keep my lunches insulated on the ride in to work. You can encourage “green-bagging” it among your employees with a reusable lunch bag.

  • Imprinted Travel Coffee Mugs

    While Starbucks has used their clout to control their coffee costs, they have seen an uptick in the costs on other goods, such as paper cups. Other business and individuals haven’t been so lucky, and they have had to increase the price on their coffee. As a result, more people are making their coffee at home, making imprinted travel coffee mugs ideal gifts to any person with a taste for java.

  • Custom Water Bottles

    Bottled water is one of those luxury items that is quickly cut out once grocery prices go up, which is just another reason why custom water bottles are one of the most smartest promotional items you can buy. InkHead has nearly over 250 different personalized water bottles to choose from, so you are bound to find one that fits your company’s advertising budget.

  • Promotional Chip Clips

    How many times have you reached for a bag of your favorite chips, only to find that they have gone stale? Not only is it annoying being deprived delicious crisps, stale chips also contribute to the world’s waste of food. InkHead carries several different “chip-clips,” such as those featured here, the 8″ Keep-It Clip. With a promotional chip clip, your customers will be able to keep chips and other packaged goods fresher longer.

  • Custom Printed Jars

    In addition to plastic food storage containers, we also have several different jars that your customers or employees could use to store food, money, or other loose items.

  • Promotional Piggy Banks

    One of the best ways to deal with rising food costs is to be prepared for them. Assist customers or staff members for tight times with a promotional piggy bank or custom change box. If you cannot find one that you like in our online catalog, please give us a call at 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday. One of our Promotions Specialists can assist you in locating one that you like.

The Bottom Line

Food costs are going up, and consumers are making cutbacks whenever they can. Help them save money by better storing leftovers, encouraging dining in, and reusing containers with one of the promotional products mentioned above. If you’re at a loss on what to buy for your customers, feel free to give us a call at 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Friday. One of our Promotions Specialists can assist you with your order.

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