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Real estate marketing ideas you can use to sell your home


Real Estate Marketing

What’s the best way to sell a house? Real estate marketing ideas are vast and varied, from promotional magnets to exclusive listings in local papers. But whether you go it alone or team up with a real estate agent, a little direction is always helpful. Consider how some of these essential tips can help you successfully find a buyer for your home.

3 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Selling Quickly and for Your Asking Price

1. Have a yard sign

What’s the best advertisement for your home? The place itself. Chances are you’ve already put a lot of work into renovating the exterior and grooming your yard. Show off your home’s curb appeal, but not in vain. Let everyone and anyone passing by know that it’s on the market.

What kind of yard sign you choose will also say a lot about your property and how serious you are about selling your home. Making a DIY yard sign is probably not the way to go. Luckily, you can pick from a variety of Inkhead’s custom yard signs, choosing a design that works for you. Pick from fonts, shapes and colors – or have a specially chosen image printed on the sign’s face. Consider having multiple models made up. Place a few by the sidewalk that feature photos showing off your home’s interior so that passerbys who might be in the market for a home can take a look. And make sure to include a web address where they can check out more information.

2. Use the Internet

The World Wide Web is going to be your friend throughout the process of selling your home. However, posting your site on a real estate website just to include information, square footage and asking price, isn’t advisable. Take advantage of this digital space, because chances are that more people will wander by your home’s “for sale” profile than the neighborhood and house itself. Many folks do their house browsing online these days, and if you can offer them a digital tour of your place, it’s going to improve your sale chances.

Start with photographs. Make sure you invest in or borrow a top-quality camera for this – then wait for a beautiful day to take a few high-resolution photos of your home’s interiors and exteriors. Go for all angles. You should have a lot of photos to sort through after you’re done with your shoot. Of course, another option is bringing in a professional photographer, or asking a friend with the talent to do the shoot for you. Shoddy photos will make your house look just that. High quality ones, however, are really going to sell the space.

Another key part of Internet marketing is knowing where your home-for-sale will get the most exposure. Most real estate experts will advise posting on multiple listing service sites – often just called MLS – but Craigslist and other local real estate classifieds are also a good idea.

3. Work with a realtor

While selling a home on your own is sure to bring in significantly more money, all of the above becomes a lot easier when you’re working with a realtor. For instance, if you can get a well-known local realtor’s name on your sign, it’s sure to draw attention. The right associations could be as effective as a distinctive and classy design. Your realtor may also be able to offer key promotional opportunities, such as your home listing appearing on personalized calendars used by the realty company.

Realtors can also help with the photography side of home sale. Many of them will work with a professional toting his or her own top-quality equipment. These photographers shoot homes for a living, so you’re guaranteed an astounding set of photos for your listing. Better yet, your realtor can help you set up a virtual tour, so that browsers can check out your home any time of day, going room to room.

If you work with a realtor, they can also help you set up your MLS listings, as well as posting your home to their own website or big-time real estate directors on the local and state levels.

Share Your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Have you used promotional materials to help sell your home? What works? What doesn’t? Let us know some of your tips so we can build an even better guide!

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