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QR Code Marketing with Promotional Products


QR Code Marketing with Promotional Products
By now, you’ve most likely heard about Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s mobile division, putting the Mountain View company in a more competitive position with Apple and Microsoft—not to mention better protected against the impending patent infringement suits from the two companies. While the news came as a bit of a surprise, what’s not surprising is the growing importance of mobile technology, as further demonstrated by the huge growth of QR code marketing in the last year.

(For the uninitiated, a QR code (quick response code) can be scanned using smartphones such as iPhones and Android handsets. Once scanned, the codes can send people to a website, provide a coupon code, and more.)

While Verizon is offering gift cards to owners of older handsets to help them get with the times, many people have already begun to embrace nascent mobile technologies on their own. This is evidenced no better than by the accelerated adoption of QR code marketing. Believe it or not, QR code scanning saw a 4,549% increase in usage from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011, and that number will only get higher as more people start using smartphones.

QR code marketing is quite literally changing the face of promotional products. In addition to their business name or slogan, more companies are opting to include QR codes on the custom promotional gifts they purchase, thus turning the item into an interactive product. Let’s take a look at some wholesale custom goods that would be ideal for QR code marketing.

3 Promotional Products Perfect for QR Code Marketing

    • QR Code T-ShirtCustom T-Shirts: Custom t-shirts are great for QR code marketing because they will get seen by more than just the wearer. Imagine handing out 100 t-shirts with QR codes at an outdoor event. When someone wears the shirt, they will then become an ambassador for your company, and they will be armed with more than just the logo and business name. They can direct others to scan the QR code to learn more about your company, sign up for your email list, or like your Facebook page.
    • QR Code StickersPromotional Stickers: Promotional stickers are another product ideal for qr code marketing. Wherever the stickers end up, they will invite viewers to scan the code to learn more about your company. Put one up in your store window to direct after-hours visitors to your website for more information about your business or send your sales team an email.
    • Customized CoastersCustomized Coasters: Owners of bars and restaurants can elevate the functionality of their coasters by adding a QR code and turning them into a marketing vehicle. Add a QR code to your coasters and direct customers to your Twitter account where they can learn about weekly lunch specials.

The Bottom Line

QR code marketing is currently the most prevalent form of mobile advertising, and the items mentioned above are just a few of the promotional items on which you could put a QR code. Our experienced sales team can assist you in thinking of other ways you could use a QR code to startling effect. Please phone 800-554-0127 or Live Chat with a promotional expert for additional assistance.

Be sure to come back for our post tomorrow where we will take name the 10 Commandments for QR Code Advertising. Thursday, we will explain why you should be marketing with QR codes.

Header image from Flickr member CoCreatr.

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