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Do you know the 10 Commandments of QR Code Advertising?

The 10 Commandments for Effective QR Code Advertising

Do you know the 10 commandments of effective QR Code Advertising?

Here are 10 rules for you to bear in mind if you decide to engage in QR code advertising.

While some of these tips may seem like common sense, you may not have thought of others. Are there any other guidelines you could offer people interested in QR code advertising?

The 10 Commandments of Effective QR Code Advertising

  1. Provide instructions on how to use the code since not everyone is familiar with QR code advertising yet.
  2. Tell people what to expect or what they will receive after they scan the code.
  3. If creating a QR code for a URL, keep the URL as short as possible. The longer the URL, the more complicated the QR code will be—making it harder for you to use the code in creative ways.
  4. Give customers a mobile-friendly experience. Further, test the code many times with as many different phones as you can before releasing it publicly. Make sure you are offering a similar user experience across all platforms.
  5. Make sure the code is offering something people will deem worthwhile.
  6. Don’t limit yourself younger demographics in your QR code advertising campaigns. With the accelerated adoption rate of smartphones across all demographics, you can target 35-49 year olds with QR codes too.
  7. What People Expect When Scanning a QR Code

    What do people expect when scanning a QR code?

    Beautify your codes to make them stand out. There are tools available to help you make the codes look more attractive.

  8. Reward loyal QR code scanners with exclusive offers, a VIP club, and more. This will not only keep them happy but also motivate them to become an ambassador for your brand.
  9. Think beyond print ads. InkHead has several promotional products for QR code marketing, such as journals, matchbooks, and magnets.
  10. Know what people expect from QR code advertising. The graph from eMarketer shows the main reasons why people have scan QR codes. Is your offer in one of these categories?

The Bottom Line

While these 10 rules are not hard-and-fast, adhering to them as best as possible will ensure that your QR code advertising campaign is successful. Are there any other tips you would provide people advertising with QR codes?

If you need assistance in finding a promotional item that can take a QR code, please call us at 800-554-0127 or use LiveChat to speak with a promotions expert.

Want to know more about QR code advertising? Read about marketing with QR codes to learn more!

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