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Here’s a bit of trivia from your friends at InkHead. If you ever see an analog clock in a print ad or a display where the clock is unwound or unplugged, the time will almost always read 10:10. The reason for this is that when the hands are pointing at 10 and 2, it suggests that the clock face is smiling. That’s subliminal marketing, as practiced for centuries by generations of clockmakers.

What we’re interested in here, however, is marketing of a more upfront sort. As we swing into the last part of the year many companies will be looking for corporate gifts, items of high perceived value that will express appreciation to treasured clients while displaying their logos to remind those clients to come back in the coming year. Few business gifts accomplish this goal as well as Custom Promotional Clocks. Like another perennial favorite, promotional calendars, a good-looking clock will receive prominent display, guaranteeing impressions with every check of the time—naturally, you can expect more impressions between 4 and 5PM.

At InkHead we have a great selection of  promotional clocks to match every type of office decor, from a code-monkey cubicle to the executive suite. Following are three of our favorite time machines, with styles that call to mind the past, present, and future:

Solstice Clock

The Solstice Clock is an absolutely beautiful piece that will look handsome and distinguished on any shelf or desktop, especially in offices with a dark-wood motif. Polished rosewood surrounds a Roman-numeral dial which itself frames exposed brass works and a smaller dial for seconds. A laser-etched metal plate at the base displays a logo or commemorative message. This is just a very attractive clock with old-world appeal, a bit high-end but worth the price as an item the recipient will keep and use for years.

Axis World Clock

What we like about the Axis World Clock is its look — kind of deco, but with a thoroughly modern gleam — and its nifty gyroscope-like design that allows the floating clock to turn and be seen from many angles. The clock face is a world map, while its hemispheric back takes a one-color silkscreened imprint that will look striking even amidst everything else going on here. It’s a very attractive and romantic clock that makes a great business gift and a bold statement.

Acrylic Clock/Weather Station

If I was one of those people who gets paid a lot of money to design the offices of the future, the Acrylic Clock/Weather Station might go on the desk next to the holographic keyboard and the button to summon the virtual assistant. Sleek and artful, this unit has that cool postmodern mix of form and function that just cries out cutting-edge. The only thing that could make this a better gift for companies with a technological bent would be a button that changes the weather if the user doesn’t like what he or she sees.

As with any of our featured products, these items are subject to availability so be sure to check with one of our Promotions Specialists.  These are but three of the many options available in our promotional clocks section, so be sure to check out these and all our other corporate gifts.

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