Three Promotional Products Perfect for Tailgating Parties


Three Promotional Products for Tailgating Parties

Football season is in top gear, and fans across the country are donning their favorite team’s colors, grabbing a cooler full of beer and heading to the stadium parking lot for a tailgating party. Tailgating is an age old tradition where fans assemble before kickoff to barbecue, drink beer, play games, talk trash to rival fans and get ready for four quarters of heavy-hitting action.

Props are a big part of football fandom, so you might want to consider giving away some custom promotional products that tailgaters can use at the game. After all, football is America’s most popular sport, so what better way to connect with your community than by supporting the home team? Here are three promotional items perfect for tailgating parties that you and your business should consider.

Winter hats

Considering that football season starts in September and lasts until the Super Bowl in February, going to watch a game at the stadium can be downright freezing. Even with a hot cup of coffee (and perhaps a little something extra to mix in…), it can be difficult to keep your spirits up when it’s 22 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Because of this, your business should consider passing out free winter hats with the home team’s colors on them to keep your customers warm all season long.

Beer coolers

Tailgating parties tend to revolve around two central objects – the grill and the cooler. While giving away grills to your customers might be a little over your budget, beer coolers are relatively inexpensive to produce. Even better, no die hard football fan would pass up a free cooler – that’s why you can see beer companies selling their products in lightweight coolers these days. There’s no better gift to give fans than the gift of cold beer. Consider also throwing in a few custom koozies to keep those cans and bottles chilled even outside of the cooler.

Folding chairs

In between manning the barbecue, playing a round of beer pong and getting fellow tailgaters excited for kickoff, sometimes a fan just needs to take a load off. This is why offering promotional folding chairs with your business name on the side is a great idea. Not only are these perfect for football, but they can be used by customers year round at the beach, barbecues, family picnics and other outdoor events.

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