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Promotional Products Defined: Part 2


In the last post, we established that there’s more to the world of promotional products than you may have previously thought. Now let’s take a look at some ways in which they are used.

The most common use of a promotional product is to simply put your name in the hands of a client or prospective client—think of it as a functional business card.

That’s why Custom Printed Pens are such a staple. Portable items with a high usability factor allow you to give someone your information in such a way that they’ll see it repeatedly instead of filing it away or tossing it in a drawer. Such products are great for introducing yourself to a new community, handing out at networking events, or just leaving around town–I once knew a lawyer who left a promotional pen on the table at every restaurant he visited. His reason? The servers would not only use the pens to take orders, but other patrons would likely use them to sign credit card receipts. That’s multiple impressions from just one pen, whereas a business card would likely have been thrown out in that environment. (For the record, I’m not knocking business cards. I’m a sucker for great card design–I’m merely suggesting that sometimes a promo product can ultimately be more effective.)

Promotional items are also a wonderful way to thank the clients you already have.

The item doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy–many insurance agencies give out promotional ice scrapers or auto information wallets to welcome new clients. Mailing out Custom Company Calendars in early December is another popular way to show appreciation to those who contributed to your success throughout the year. High-end gifts like desk clocks or computer accessories are ideal for key clients at the holidays. Regardless of the price point, a corporate gift goes a long way toward letting your customers know that you value their business.

Recognition gifts can go a long way toward fostering a productive work environment.

Luggage is popular for sales teams, as are travel accessories. Technology items or products to help them unwind are also great ways to let your employees know that their efforts are appreciated. Want to help your team dress for success? Customized Apparel can help unify your team and build brand recognition, not to mention that clothing has a high perceived value for the recipient.

Maybe you aren’t promoting anything at all. Promotional items can still be of service! Customized products like napkins and cups can really help tie an event together. Take-home gifts like candles, tote bags, or stemware can also enhance your guests’ overall experience. From private events, like weddings or parties, to large-scale soirées, like fundraisers or corporate dinners, imprinted party accessories and favors are a great way to create a memorable night.

There are countless ways in which you can utilize promotional items, whether it’s for business or for fun!

How will you use promotional products? Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas!

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