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Promotional Product Reboot: The State of the (Booming) Industry

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promotional product industry

Discover how the promotional products industry creates authentic branding experiences.

With digital marketing trends sweeping the globe, it’s easy to dismiss the traditional marketing techniques that paved the way. But just because a once-successful technique becomes dated, that doesn’t mean the technique is no longer effective. The promotional product is one of those. The promotional product industry is poised to make a big comeback–and that could mean big profits for your business.

Sensory engagement is the (promotional product) marketing ‘bottom line’

Yes, digital marketing can reach a wider audience. Digital marketing can provide some of the lowest costs-per-impression possible. And digital marketing can be refined and tested to the Nth degree. But that’s just about where the advantages of digital marketing end.

Perceptive marketers, advertisers, and promoters know one immutable truth: The most effective form of promotion creates an unforgettable experience for the prospect. That’s precisely where promotional products excel–and here are the reasons why:

  • Deliver a holistic brand experience. The promotional product is the only method that creates a true sensory engagement–involving touch, sight, sound, and taste
  • Inspire genuine prospect appreciation. The promotional product is the only advertisement that gets a sincere ‘Thank you!’ from the prospect

Those are powerful benefits that digital marketing simply cannot match. Put these principles to work for your business, and the edge you’ll gain over your competitors could be remarkable.

Promotional products focus, engage, inspire–and even save lives

When a promotional product exchanges hands, the ripple effect extends far beyond the gesture. In fact, few other marketing techniques can match the promo product in terms of creating relationships, forging strategies, and adding momentum to any cause, commercial or personal.

To see it in action, one needs simple check out the national news:

  • Catalyzing a community, and encouraging a fight. A simple, customized t-shirt earns thousands of dollars in donations to help a teenager battling the cancer–not just to help pay bills, but to instill confidence
  • Giving warmth to the homeless, and hope to the heart. Personalized blankets, given out to New York’s homeless in the midst of a cold snap, provide warmth and encouragement that things will get better
  • Protecting a population, and empowering the powerless. A logo key chain and whistle combo, given to self-defense students in training, instill confidence and provide an additional layer protection
  • Commemorating a celebration, and saving lives. A custom t-shirt given to an elementary summer camp program becomes a vital live-saving tool when information is added to the sleeve

How can a promotional product change your business, your relationships, or your life? It’s all about imagination and strategy–putting a personal touch on a small gift that can encourage wondrous results.

5 facts about promotional products that should guide your strategy

If you’re ready to take the plunge, promotional product marketing can be one of the more powerful profit strategies you can employ to grow your brand and streamline new business opportunities. Here are five facts about promotional product marketing to move you into action mode immediately.

Fact # 1: All promotional products distributors are not created equal.

Avoid “order fillers” (companies that will tell you anything to get the sale with no concern for your finished product) and go with established promotional product experts who are invested in the success of your promotional product order.

Fact # 2: Businesses of any size can afford promotional products.

Think of the promotional product as an investment, as opposed to a cost. Done right, a promotional product should bring in more sales and leads–paying for itself many times over in new business.

Fact # 3: You can closely track the results of a promotional product marketing campaign.

If you’re giving away freebies, you should rethink your strategy. Tag your promotional product campaign with promotional codes and you can learn exactly how much your investment has paid off

Fact # 4: During economic challenges, promotional product marketing should be utilized most.

Again, done right, promotional product campaigns can out-earn almost all other forms of marketing–such as print, television, and radio ads. Tracking is the key to making sure your campaign pays off.

Fact #5: Cheaper promotional products are not always better.

Think big, profit big. Cheap promotional products are typically discarded immediately. However, a well-planned promotional product campaign provides brand recognition and prospect gratitude–two factors critical to higher profits.

Make the promotional product a part of your brand strategy now

Some businesses might say that their favorite reason for marketing with promotional products is the simplicity–no complex technical processes to learn or industry jargon to decipher. All that is required is a clear understanding of what goals you want to accomplish and a little bit of creativity.

Finding a quality distributor makes it even easier. For over 10 years, InkHead Promotional Products has been at the forefront of this industry–helping business of all sizes, and in virtually every market, to create authentic brand experiences and achieve their goals. And we’re ready to help your group, organization, or business do the very same thing.

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