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10 Promotional Product Dos and Don’ts


Make sure you follow these 10 dos and don'ts of promotional products.

10 Promotional Product Dos and Don’ts

  1. DO know your audience. Make sure the gift fits the individual or group – custom golf balls for your IT team? Maybe not.
  2. DON’T randomly go in for hygiene products. Unless you’re a doctor or dentist that is. Otherwise, personalized toothbrushes might be misconstrued.
  3. DO promote your values. Love American-made products? Purchase great promotional items that reflect this. Cotton Ts and sports apparel produced in the U.S. make for patriotic choices.
  4. DON’T get too holiday-centric. When it comes to December’s host of holidays, spread yourself out evenly and don’t get religious. Remember that values and beliefs are different things that coexist.
  5. DO choose quality over quantity. Just ask anyone who’s supersized a burger meal as opposed to heading out for a fine steak. Quantity does not win out over sheer quality.
  6. DON’T think that one size actually fits all. No matter how high the quality, a little quantity is best here – or pick an apparel product less dependent on size issues, like baseball caps.
  7. DO give gifts. Who doesn’t love a specially-chosen personalized gift? Designer pens, gorgeous desk clocks and premier golfing equipment all make great options.
  8. DON’T forget about little kids. When making a present of promotional items to someone with little kids, don’t pick anything conveniently bite-sized.
  9. DO plan giveaways. Custom giveaway items are great opportunities to invest in larger quantities of great promotional items that’ll spread your brand name far and wide.
  10. DON’T get overtly political. Whatever event you’re hosting and whatever items you plan to give away, try to stay bipartisan with promo items like American flags and VOTE! stickers.

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