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Beating Back Winter with Promotional Ice Scrapers

Promotional Ice Scrapers

This might take a *couple* promotional ice scrapers.

As you may have heard, we received some “winter weather” here in Georgia (home of InkHead Promotional Products) yesterday evening. Although it mostly amounted to freezing rain and sleet, you would have thought we were in the middle of a blizzard if you had turned on the local news. That said, the roads were so icy where VP of Sales Jim Franklyn lives that he had to leave his car parked overnight at a nearby grocery store.

I know what you’re thinking. You get some freezing rain, and you think it’s winter weather? I’m up to my knees in snow!

Snow + South = Bad Wintry Mix

You know that expression “the calm before the storm?” We Georgians don’t have much of that when it comes to snowstorms.

Upon hearing that the mere possibility of snow exists, we Georgians scramble like the citizens of Tokyo at a Godzilla sighting. As soon as we hear from a semi-reputable source that there is more than a 60% chance of snow, we pillage our local grocery stores like a band of vikings in search of milk, bread, and toilet paper. We drive like bootleggers on the run to get metric tons of firewood. The Department of Transportation rolls out the snowplows and starts paying operators that sweet triple overtime to stand by for the Winter Apocalypse—which is generally 1-2 inches of snow.

When it snows and sticks, life in Georgia grinds to a halt. People stay home from school and from work and subsist off whatever rations they managed to attain during their raid of Kroger the day before. To be fair, we are pretty much completely unprepared for driving in snow, given that no one owns snow chains or snow shovels—so it’s probably a good thing that we just stay home and play in the snow while it lasts, which is generally all of 24 hours.

Promotional Ice Scrapers, A Glove Box Must-Have

Down South, we may not experience the winter weather that people in other parts of the country do, but we suffer from a universal problem: when it gets cold, our windshields ice up. This makes us late for work or taking the kids to school, inevitably leading to frustration, fury, and the kind of language we want neither our coworkers nor our children to hear coming out of our mouths.

In addition to jumper cables, a jack, and a flashlight, everybody should have an ice scraper in the car because everyone will need one many times throughout the long winter months. That also means that everyone who uses his or her ice scraper will be very appreciative for whomever provided it, and that “whomever” could be you. Providing your customers with Promotional Ice Scrapers from InkHead will generate more impressions and brand loyalty with every use. These items will be perfect for promoting auto-supply stores, repair shops, or pretty much any business operating in cold-weather country.

Promotional Ice Scrapers Available through InkHead

We like the Large Ice Scraper with Visor Clip because, well, it’s a large ice scraper with a visor clip. Made of break-resistant plastic, the long handle provides excellent torque for scraping the ice without marking the windshield or breaking your back. The wide scraper area allows for better scraping and provides a nice wide imprint area for your logo or information. We also like the clip which keeps the scraper handy without having to rummage through the glove compartment or floorboards to find it. Promotional Ice Scraper
This Custom Ice Scraper is great for more reasons than just its cool trapezoidal shape. Aside from its scraping edge and its dusting edge, this scraper is made from translucent plastic that will highlight your logo in the large imprint area. This item is guaranteed to make an impression again and again. Custom Ice Scraper
If there are two things people in Buffalo, NY know better than most, it’s the right way to serve a chicken wing and what to do about ice on your car. That’s why we trust the Buffalo Ice Scraper for Your Car. This is some serious hardware, with an extra long handle for reaching across the windshield without having to get your clothes wet and a heavy-duty brush for sweeping away the dislodged ice. The one-color imprint area isn’t as large as the others, but giving this scraper to your customers will definitely let them know that you mean business. Ice Scraper for Car


The Bottom Line

Although winter weather in Georgia may seem a like a joke to residents of other parts of the country, we Southerners still have to contend with icy windshields, just like anyone else living north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Come check out our entire line of Personalized Ice Scrapers, from big to wallet-sized, and let your customers know that you won’t leave them out in the cold.

Don’t forget that the items featured in this post are subject to availability, so be sure to check with your Promotions Specialist to ensure that the promotional ice scraper you want is in stock.

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