Top 4 Promotional Gifts to Give Away on the Street


Top 4 Promotional Gifts to Give Away on the StreetSimply put – everybody likes getting something for nothing. And while there may be no such thing as a free lunch, free promotional items are the name of the game when you’re trying to attract new clientele. What’s the best way to put gifts like custom water bottles or personalized pens into the hands of potential customers? By hitting the streets, of course!


After all, people are so used to being stopped on the sidewalk by campaign reps looking for donations or college students trying to get support for their intramural broomball league (it happens – look it up) that somebody who actually wants to give THEM something is bound to stick in their memories.

So what sort of personalized memorabilia should you be handing out? Here are some of the best promotional gifts to help spread the word about your business around town.

1. Tote bags

Let’s face it, it’s always nice to have an extra sturdy bag lying around the house. It’s not something you might think you need at first, until you’re on the way out the door for a family vacation or trip to the beach and you just need something to hold your essentials. Whatever the reason, you can bet people will be thankful they picked up those promotional tote bags your company was handing out one afternoon.

2. Water bottles

Perhaps the most useful of all the promotional gifts you could give away, promotional water bottles are exactly the sort of things everyone needs but is never willing to buy. And with a bottle of water costing you an arm and a leg these days, it’s nice to have a container for free H2O with you wherever you go.

3. Keychains

Free keychains are another great product to promote your business, because they’re something that people can keep with them at all times. Locking the front door on the way to work in the morning? There’s your business’ name. Turning the car ignition? Your logo’s still visible. No matter where they are or where they’re going, your customers will constantly be reminded of your business.

4. Bottle openers

Perfect to pair with free keychains, bottle openers are another must-give promotional gift. Why is this? People often need to open bottles, and they regularly lack the tools to accomplish this. That’s why at every backyard barbecue in the country, the guy with a logo-emblazoned bottle opener is the go-to source for liquid refreshment.

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