Like sands through the hourglass. . .


Is it just me, or has this year flown by?

With the holiday season nearly upon us, that means it’s time to start thinking about buying your Promotional Business Calendars for 2011. Calendars make great corporate gifts or giveaways to customers because of their utility; everyone needs to know what day of the year it is at some point.

Why Buy Custom Calendars

According to this year’s Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study, custom calendars are one of the most frequently given promotional products, mainly due to their usefulness. In fact, calendars moved from the number seven to number three in terms of how many people owned them. That said, the number of calendars given out by companies was not necessarily higher, but the number kept and subsequently used was higher than in 2008. More importantly, a calendar is something that a person will put on the wall or on his or her desk and consult frequently throughout the entire year. You’d be hard-pressed to find another promotional item with such a long shelf life that gets used as often. Finally, promotional calendars carry a relatively low cost per impression at $0.003.

Custom Calendars Carried by InkHead Promotional Products

InkHead offers a wide variety of promotional calendars, so I will only highlight a few of the ones we offer.

Promotional Calendars

Here's our span-a-year calendar, perfect for long-term planning in conference rooms or as an employee time-off HR calendar.

Promotional Clock & Calendar

If you want to offer an item as a part of an employee-incentive program or a luxury gift to your top clients, then consider ordering the Ascenseur Clock/Calendar.

Promotional Calendar & Picture Frame

Order this perpetual calendar and picture frame from Sevida to give your customers a gift they'll use beyond 2011.

The Bottom Line

Calendars are one of the most useful promotional products you can buy. People who are loath to put on a custom t-shirt to promote your brand may be more willing to post a a promotional calendar that you’ve sent them—mainly because as we’ve already mentioned, everyone needs to know the date at some point.  Calendars are a gift people can use throughout the year, so as the year winds to close, make sure you consider buying some custom calendars.

June 2011 Update: All three calendars featured in this post are no longer available. Please browse our complete collection of Custom Promotional Calendars or us for assistance in locating a suitable alternative.

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