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Promoting A Cure for Juvenile Diabetes


At InkHead Promotional Products we believe in the power of promotion not only to strengthen business but to advance the greater good. We offer a large number of promotional products designed to raise awareness of nonprofit causes, but we also believe that good corporate citizenship means supporting some of those causes ourselves, as a company and as individuals. Next month, we will kick off our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, about which we will keep you posted, and over the course of the year we’ll let you know about other causes we support and which can always use more help.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

One cause that we support is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and their annual Walk for the Cure. It’s been calculated that a young person is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (also called juvenile diabetes, though it can strike people in their 20s) every hour of every day, on average. Brought on by genetic factors, diabetes attacks the pancreas and destroys its ability to produce insulin, the hormone that breaks down carbohydrates into a form the body can use. Diabetics are forced therefore to monitor their blood sugars regularly with painful finger sticks on the order of 6 times per day, and most are dependent upon injections of insulin to regulate their blood sugars. This includes very small children who must endure punctures and injections many times per day and will do so for the rest of their lives. Although insulin injections, a rigid diet, and exercise can manage diabetes, there is currently no cure and all diabetics can look forward to circulatory problems, cardiovascular distress, neuropathy, liver and kidney problems, and often blindness in their later years.

Many advances have been made in the management of the disease, including devices that monitor and inject insulin automatically and encouraging news about progress on an artificial pancreas, but such research and development is incredibly expensive, and that’s where the JDRF comes in. Besides the corporate fundraising the organization does on its own, diabetics and their families by the thousands take to the streets every year in the Walk for the Cure, a 3-mile walk occurring simultaneously in several cities across America that raises awareness and millions of dollars in much-needed funds for the work of the JDRF. Wherever the Walk is held it’s a celebration, a party with a purpose, and the kids love it.

My son is a Type 1 diabetic and we participate in the Walk every year with donations from friends and loved ones and with material support from InkHead, and we urge you and yours to do the same with walkers in your communities. Log onto the JDRF website ( where you’ll find a number of ways you and your company can support the Foundation and find participating walkers near you who’ll be more than happy for your contribution. You will not be asked to pledge by the mile but rather for a single donation of any amount you choose, and your donation is fully tax-deductible. You’ll elevate your community profile while helping out a seriously good cause.

The 2011 JDRF Walk for the Cure will be held on Saturday, October 16th.

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