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Promote eye health this January for National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Promote eye health this January for National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Promote eye health this January for National Glaucoma Awareness Month

For those not carefully marking their yearly calendars with eye care events, it’s easy to forget that January happens to be Glaucoma Awareness Month, according to the National Eye Institute. While it might seem easy to dismiss this as another random “National Something Month,” the National Institutes of Health informs us that more than four million U.S. residents have glaucoma – an eyesight-destroying disease. And yet, almost half of those folks don’t realize it.

Since glaucoma can be battled if caught in its earlier stages, the month of January is being devoted to eye-centric health. Encourage your employees to head out to their local optometrists and have their vision checked out – the test is simple, after all, requiring a quick dilated eye exam. But rather than giving them pesky and constant reminders, get your message across with a few fun promotional items that are sure to keep eye health on your workers’ minds.

Items to promote National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Eyeglass repair kits
As anyone who wears glasses knows, there’s nothing worse than losing a screw and having your lens fall out. It happens pretty rarely, but the experience of going blind thanks to a stripped screw is an infuriating one. Give them the quick tools they need to fix the problem with a custom eyeglass repair kit printed with your company logo.

Microfiber cleaning cloth
Equally as troubling as a broken pair of specs? A scratched-up pair of specs. Make sure your workers’ glasses stay clean and crisp with a custom microfiber cleaning cloth. Unlike paper towels, these won’t damage the lenses – nor leave residue the way a tissue or cotton might. Best of all, have that cloth silkscreened with your company logo!

Magnifying glass
Not everyone’s myopic, and for those who need a little help with the small print, a custom magnifying glass for their desk or cubicle is a great idea – especially if they’re the sorts to leave the reading glasses at home.

Driving in the sun without proper eye protection is a recipe for disaster. Save your employees the headache from squinting (not to mention a whole lot of wear and tear on the eyes themselves) with a pair of custom sunglasses. This is a stylish look that’s sure to turn heads. And who knows, maybe your employees will throw these stylish shades on as they make their ways to their local optometrists’ offices.

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