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Promo ideas for National Blood Donor Month

Promo ideas for National Blood Donor Month

Promo ideas for National Blood Donor Month

Each year is filled with a slew of National and Official Months you’ve probably never heard of or noticed. And frankly, some of them are a lot more important than others. As important as safety is when it comes to sparklers and bottle rockets, does Fireworks Safety need an official month?

January is National Blood Donor Month

However, January does represent a crucial commemorative 31 days, being National Blood Donor Month. As the American Red Cross website states, “Blood donors help save lives.” But why January? Bad weather, seasonal colds – these get in the way of people heading to the stations, and all the while, the need for blood continues. It’s imperative that those who can head out and take the time to donate. And you can help!

Whether you represent a charity organization, an office branch, a mega corporation or a local mom-and-pop coffee shop, the┬áright promotional products can help get your employees, clients, friends and supporters to go and donate their blood. Consider how a promotional stress ball bearing your company or shop logo might encourage someone to hit the local blood bank. It makes a great item to squeeze as the attendants draw blood. While the trip can be stressful, especially for those freaked out by the sight of needles, something as simple as a stress ball can make it infinitely easier. Custom T-shirts and personalized sweatshirts can keep office workers warm and cozy after their donations – while proudly displaying the news that they gave! There are a variety of nonprofit promotional products that even the local blood bank can take advantage of! And whoever you are and whatever your business, a little extra marketing never hurts, either.

There are other ways you can spread awareness as well. Consider taking those custom T-shirts and proudly displaying them at a fundraiser or charity event. Or, go visit a local blood drive on behalf of your business, bringing giveaway items and promotional products to help say “Thanks!” to all the donors there.

There’s no denying the importance of blood donations, and January’s not the only month when you and your workers should take advantage of giving. In exchange for just a little bit of your time, you could save lives.

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