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Let’s say you have a promotion coming up, and you’ve sagaciously elected that Promotional Products would be the most memorable (not to mention cost-effective) way to go. You have a particular promotional item in mind, something unique that represents your organization to a tee and is guaranteed to be a hit with your potential clients.

InkHead: Land of a Thousand Options

Naturally, you come to InkHead Promotional Products because we have the cool, easy-to-use website and a huge catalog of products. How vast? We have promotional novelties—like whoopie cushions, underwear, and a pencil shaped like a cowboy boot—in addition to more typical promotional products, such as Custom T-Shirts, Promotional Tote Bags, and Personalized Pens. In fact, we have over 15,000 items in our catalog as of this writing, and we are adding news ones often.

Don’t Get Lost. Get Help!

So you’re cruising the site, using our cool predictive search bar and our intuitive navigation, an array of promotional products laid out like stars in the firmament… but you can’t find it. That one special item that would be so perfect for your campaign that you can already hear your coworkers marveling at your sheer genius, and it’s not here! But that’s impossible — if it’s not on InkHead.com how in the world can anyone be expected to have it?

Not to worry. InkHead’s Promotions Specialists are not only sharp and helpful; they’re also connected. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our site, don’t go away. Use one of the various options on our Contact Us page and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll throw all of our considerable resources into finding it and seeing if we can get it to fit your budget and schedule.

We Can Find What You Need

Here are a few example of items we’ve added to our site after tracking them down by customer request:

Neon Sailor HatsLocated and ordered for an upcoming boating regalia, these Neon Sailor Hats went over big with our customer. We kept them on the site for any future customers who may find themselves with a nautically themed campaign that would look good with these very festive and brightly colored hats. One thing’s for sure: they will be an eye-catcher! June 2011 Update: These items have been discontinued. Please us for assistance in locating an alternative item.

Beveled Ruler

An architecture firm wanted a promotional item that was as smart as they are, for customers as smart as they want. A ruler seemed like an obvious choice, both as a useful item and as something with an imprint area that could convey the firm’s information, but what they had in mind wasn’t represented on our site. No problem! We searched and found this handy 6″ Four Bevel Architectural Ruler for them, and their promotion was a success.

Flashing Lips PinOkay, we must confess that we don’t remember who needed an order of imprinted flashing LED clip-on badges shaped like a pair of lips, we also can’t remember why the customer needed them. All we know is that they needed them, and we came up with the Xstrobe Kiss Ad Light. We can only assume that the badges did the trick because, let’s face it, as specific requests go, this was a doozy.

The Bottom Line

That’s the difference between InkHead and the competitions. Our selection is great, and our website is great, but it’s the willingness of our Promotions Specialists to do whatever it takes to meet your promotional needs that makes us the top-flight company we are today. However you choose to us, let us know what you’re seeking, and we will seek it out for you!

Remember that the products featured here are subject to availability and may not be available at the time you are ready to order. Please call us at 800-554-0127 to confirm stock or receive assistance in locating a suitable alternative.

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