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Design Private Label Products with InkHead!

Design Private Label Products with InkHead!

Looking for a hammock with your company name on it? We can help!

Have you ever wanted to create your very own completely custom private label product for your company?

As we recently announced, a national electronics retailer employed InkHead to create a private label product to be used as part of their holiday gift campaign.

In addition to completely custom or private label products, companies and organizations can use InkHead’s Factory Direct Promotional Products service to source extremely large quantities of products, such as the national non-profit organization that employed InkHead to source and import 150,000 custom tote bags direct from overseas suppliers.

Create a Private Label Product to Match Your Corporate Image

The sky is the limit to what you can design.

The national electronics retailer, whose name is synonymous with technology, opted to create a promotional USB accessory: USB-powered ornamental lights for your monitor, workstation, or cubicle!

While most organizations and companies look only to modify an existing product to meet their own specifications, you are encouraged to be creative! We will work with our global manufacturing partners to make sure your private label product looks exactly the way you want.

If you are interested in creating completely custom or private label products through InkHead, please remember such projects often require lead times much longer than those for catalog products. Generally speaking, you will want to place your order at least 90 days before your event or promotion begins.

The Bottom Line

With InkHead, you are not limited to the thousands of products found in our online catalog. If you want to create a specially-designed item or just products at quantities higher than what’s listed in the online catalog, InkHead.com’s Factory Direct Promotional Products service can help.

Learn more about creating your own private label products through InkHead by calling 800-554-0127, ext. 809 between 9 AM and 8 PM to speak with a global sourcing expert today.
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