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Use These Press Kit Examples to Inspire Your Business


Use these press kit examples to grow your business.

Press kits aren’t only great for brand boosting, they’re a versatile tool that’s been proven effective across diverse industries. Companies often employ press kits for product launches, corporate mergers, major news conferences, trade shows or the creation of a new office branch or subsidiary.

What makes press kits so great is simple: they feel like gifts. Press kits come along rarely and are usually packed with fun, unique little items. Not only do they offer concise and clear information about a product or service, the very best press kits come packed with promotion items – and who doesn’t like getting free stuff? These products disseminate their way around the industry, helping to build company brands and generate excitement.

Some modern press kits are sent out electronically. While convenient, these tend to lack the tactile quality or fun bonuses contained in physical press kits you mail or hand out personally. One good idea, across industries, is to include an electronic copy of all the press kit information with the physical one – personalized USBs are perfect for this! And promotional coffee mugs don’t hurt a company’s image either!

Curious about some other press kit tips? Sometimes it’s best to learn by example, so consider these sample press kits for two very different industries.

A Couple Press Kit Examples to Get You Started

The foodservice industry is broad, but most manufacturers and distributors rely pretty heavily on a mix of good looks and promises of efficiency and ease-of-use in promoting their products. As an example, a company that produces heat lamps for restaurants and hotels that use buffets will want to include a catalogue of high-resolution photos in their press kit. The catalogue should also list all of the products’ features and benefits.

Alongside this, the company can order glossy postcard-sized fact sheets providing information on company background and previous press coverage or customer reviews. This sheet should also include information, such as phone numbers alongside website, email and street addresses.

Certain promotional items, like magnets, are also perfect inclusions – especially when they’ve got info on them. Chances are a free magnet will end up on someone’s fridge. Food service companies handing out press kits at trade shows can include promotional notepads, so that attendees will have something to jot down info on. Using a company logo – perhaps a heat lamp, in this case – can give promotional items a flourish and add visual consistency to a press kit package.

On the other end of the spectrum is the musician’s press kit. Bands are just one example of creative startups that need media attention to build themselves, but their press kits stand as a great promotional example for all high-tech creative industries.

Any garage band or solo musician is going to want to put together a CD or mp3 package for their press kits. While online downloads are handy, providing physical examples is also a great idea. Musicians build brand names just like any other industry, so image is important. Including high-res photos that show off the musical dynamic and style is important.

Music industry veterans and newbies alike should invest in a simple, good-looking fact sheet with basic info on it. Alongside label or manage s, discography lists and press blurbs on major shows should be included. If a band is applying to a bar, club or other live music venue, they’ll want to include equipment lists – from drums to amps – and other logistical information.

A few fun items can win new fans in the industry as well. Lots of bands like to include custom T-shirts to help build buzz. This can work just as well for a young creative startup tech company though, especially if the group has a signature style or iconic logo.

Do you have a press kit example to share?

Have you put together your share of press kits in the past? What items do you consider the most important?

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