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Are You Ready to Hit the Trail?


Are You Ready to Hit the Trail?

…the campaign trail, that is.
As a wide Republican field continues to be whittled down to a select few, incumbent President Barak Obama has already started building his campaign for the 2012 election—even though it’s still roughly eighteen months away. While his campaign store is full of the usual suspects such as custom yard signs, rally buttons, and campaign bumper stickers, there are a couple limited edition items that demonstrate the president’s dry sense of humor.

In response to the long-running controversy over his long-form birth certificate, President Obama has stocked his campaign store with a custom t-shirt and a campaign coffee mug  featuring his picture and the phrase “Made in the USA” underneath on the front, and the long-form birth certificate on the back. Clever and cheeky, the shirt and coffee mug match the attitude that many people have taken toward those individuals that have continually called for the birth certificate, even when evidence confirming the president’s citizenship has already been presented.

While InkHead carries several Made in the USA promotional products, today let’s look specifically at promotional items that would be perfect for political campaigns.

Custom Products for Political Campaigns

Last November, we examined the Politics of Promotional Products and found which type of promotional items each political faction prefers. Specifically, we learned that “Republicans like food gifts, Democrats prefer logoed pens and independents might scoff at anything less than a brand-name shirt.” These are not the only items that will work for raising awareness of your political campaign, however. The items listed below will excite your candidate’s base and connect him or her with new voters.

  • Political Bumper Stickers: Tried and true campaign materials, custom bumper stickers with the candidate’s name and message will be seen by thousands of motorists. Hand them out to voters at rallies and other events.
  • Campaign Yard Signs: Having taken off in popularity over the last decade or so, promotional yard signs enable voters to inform their neighbors of their political leanings.
  • Custom Car Magnets: Not every driver wants their car to have the retro look that only a Mondale/Ferraro ’84 bumper sticker can evoke. For those concerned with the semi-permanency of bumper stickers, car magnets are a perfect replacement.
  • Logo Coffee Mugs: If bumper stickers are good for the road and yard signs are good for the neighborhood, then coffee mugs are good for the office.
  • Imprinted Water Bottles: Connect with your constituency in ways they love. The active (or eco-conscious) individual is sure to appreciate the sport bottle customized with the candidate’s name and desired office.
  • Campaign Buttons: Another mainstay of political campaign materials, a custom button will help the wearer spread the candidate’s message.
  • Personalized T-Shirts: While not every t-shirt will have as pointed a message as President Obama’s, each shirt will expose your candidate’s name and platform to other potential voters.

This is just the beginning. If none of these items will work for your campaign, feel free to peruse InkHead’s entire catalog of nearly 20,000 items to find the one that works best for you. If you need a hand finding that perfect item, please call us at 800-554-0127 any time between 9 AM and 8 PM to speak with a Promotions Specialist, who can help you locate a suitable item for your campaign.

The Bottom Line

Although the 2012 presidential election is still several months away, President Obama has not wasted any time in setting up his campaign store, which serves to collect donations from supporters and gain notice from would-be voters. More immediate is the 2011 elections, which are only a few months away. If you are considering a political office or work for someone who is, then you should order products such as campaign car magnets, custom coffee mugs, and personalized water bottles (or any of the other products mentioned here) to reach and connect with potential supporters.

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