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How to Turn a Plastic Bag Ban into a Marketing Opportunity


How to Take Advantage of the Plastic Bag Ban

The spread of plastic bag bans is just one more reason to consider Custom Tote Bags if you are wondering what promotional product you should buy.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, “a sweeping ban on plastic grocery bags [went] into effect July 1, 2011 for unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County…the effort is intended to encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags to the market for shopping.”

Plastic Bag Bans Only Stand to Spread

While California has led the United States in plastic bag ban regulations, communities in Texas, Maine and elsewhere have at least entertained a plastic bag ban of some kind in the last few years, with many more areas adding them to their ballots for this November. Outside of the USA, over 25% of international nations have regulated plastic bags in some way, including Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Thailand.

Take Advantage of Plastic Bag Bans

Although grocery stores have started to sell reusable bags, people do not like paying for something they formerly received for free. That’s why custom tote bags make ideal giveaways for businesses and groups under just about any circumstances. People can always use a bag. While some people may rail against legislation that tells them with which type of bag they can shop, few can deny the adverse effects plastic shopping bags have had on the environment. Although recent studies have called into question how effective plastic bag bans really are, the fact remains that we are moving away from one-time use bags.

Embrace a Plastic Bag Ban with InkHead has over 500 varieties of custom tote bags, ranging from the extremely popular Big Thunder Tote to the environmentally-friendly Super Jute Tote (made from 100% jute, a natural vegetable fiber). Whether you’re looking for super-durable canvas bags or basic polypropylene bags, you will find the custom tote bag you need in the InkHead catalog.  In giving your target audience reusable shopping bags, not only will you provide them with a useful product, but you will also help relieve the environment of the 100,000,000,000 plastic polyethylene shopping bags thrown away each year.

Whether you do it for your business or the environment, turning a local plastic bag ban into a new marketing opportunity with tote bags is a smart choice.

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