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Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts – showing thanks to your customers

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Personalized Thanksgiving – showing thanks to your customers

Everyone loves Thanksgiving. No matter how you feel about football, the coming winter weather or even turkey, there’s no question that a large slice of pumpkin pie and the comfort of familiar faces are exactly what we all need for a restorative weekend (even if we do put on a few pounds in stuffing alone). But Thanksgiving isn’t just a time to be thankful for friends and family. Just like the rest of the holiday season, take this opportunity to spread good cheer to your customers and beyond. If you’re looking for a few ways to show your customers how thankful you are for them, consider these suggestions. Whether a customer is near or far and no matter your budget, you can tell them “Thanks!”

4 Ways to Show Thanks to Your Customers

  1. Do lunch: One of the best ways to thank a customer is to take a few folks out to lunch. Not only does this let you catch up with the employees you’re most in with, but it’s a relaxing midday break for you! This can be especially effective for a small business, where face time is of the utmost importance.
  2. Send along a Thanksgiving libation-friendly gift: Thanksgiving is about much more than just turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. There’s always a bottle or two of fine vintage wines, and, of course, who could forget the beer? With most of the fall ales just winding up and the winter styles making their way out of local breweries, there’s plenty of malted and hoppy goodness to go around. Custom koozies or bottle openers could be just the thing to thank you clients.
  3. Give a climate-appropriate gift: There’s a good chance that your client could be on the other side of the country or even globe this Thanksgiving, so why not send along a climate-appropriate gift? For those in the Southwest, where it’s always sunny and perfect sporting weather, a few personalized golf balls might make a great gift! On the other hand, a customer in a northern climate might love a promotional sweatshirt.
  4. Just let them know you’re thinking of them: Naturally, you don’t need to go to all out or extreme expense to tell your customer you’re thankful. Sometimes just a postcard, phone call or genial email is more than enough. Whatever way you choose, that thanks is going to help you stand out of the crowd.

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