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Overcoming Adversity: Making a Difference with Limited Resources


Overcoming Adversity: Making A Difference With Limited Resources

You have to get your name out there to run a successful business, but how can you promote your brand on a tight or nonexistent budget? Let’s take a look at some options that offer more bang for limited marketing bucks.

Marketing Online

With billions of active users spending time daily on numerous platforms, your audience awaits you. If you haven’t already, join the networks your customers frequent and let the marketing begin, for low cost or nothing at all:

  • Advertise to and interact with your audience on Facebook.
  • Tweet helpful tips and answers to customers’ commonly asked questions.
  • Create and share short YouTube videos to demonstrate how your product works.
  • Upload brand-inspired photos on Instagram and Pinterest.

In addition to leveraging social media, you can host your own podcast for free as a way to build a community within your industry, reach prospective customers, and raise awareness of your brand. Furthermore, invite your contacts via email to complete a survey, and compile data into an insightful report people will want to share. Play to your strengths and give it your best effort to ensure your hard work pays off.

Marketing Offline

Let’s think outside the Internet. Make your brand visible for people in your region so you can direct more local customers to your business:

  • Co-produce or sponsor a local event, such as a charity run, a concert series, or an industry meet-up.
  • Print your brand on anything highly visible, such as a t-shirt or a personalized outdoor/automotive magnetic sign.
  • Distribute promotional items people use regularly, like shopping bags or custom water bottles, allowing recipients to promote your brand for you.

Operational Changes

Time is money, and you might feel the pinch when removing yourself from other business responsibilities to focus on marketing, even if the work costs you nothing. In this case, creative problem solving comes in handy:

  • Allocate funds from your marketing budget to hire a temporary employee to carry out uncomplicated assignments, freeing up more of your time to work on marketing projects.
  • Outsource a small portion of your marketing tasks, such as graphic design or copywriting, to college students or summer interns eager to gain real-world experience.
  • Meet with a marketing consultant for a few hours each month or quarterly for advice and feedback on your progress as you attempt to tackle initiatives on your own.


As you can see, marketing your brand is possible on a shoestring budget. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice promoting your business simply because you have fewer resources than you desire. Your customers are counting on you. If you have ideas for how to keep the marketing engine moving forward with limited resources, please share in the comments!

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