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Stuck Thinking of Ideas for an Oscar Party?

While the Oscars might not be quite as big as a certain other major television events occurring in February (looking at you, Super Bowl), it’s still an ideal time to throw a little soiree for friends and family. It’s also the perfect opportunity for an office full of fun-loving coworkers to gather and build team spirit. As we all know, plenty of people can get just as riled up about their favorite movie of the year as they can about a favorite sports team—so why not break out the party supplies, invest in some promotional products and get ready to have a blast? These ten tips can help.

Oscar Party Ideas: 10 Tips for a Fun Night

  1. Plan a themed menu: Whether you’re dining on finger foods and hors d’oeuvres or putting together a full menu of tasty dishes, be sure to plan ahead and accommodate everyone on your guest list!
  2. Send out envelope invites: We’ve all held our breath as those iconic envelopes have been opened on TV, fingers crossed that our favorite would take home the statue – so why not stir up a little excitement of your own with stylish envelopes containing classy invitations? Make sure to print off your invitations on personalized stationery too!
  3. Organize a red carpet event: Whether you’re throwing a party at a home, office or local favorite bar or restaurant, there’s no reason not to have a little red carpet ceremony of your own. While not everyone should be expected to invest in the finest designer garb, they can look good in custom sunglasses handed out at the door! Anything from fun and zany colors to quality shades from Maui Jim and Ray-Ban are available!
  4. Get the bar ready: Naturally, this party’s going to need a little beer and wine. You can find plenty of custom bar accessories to use as well, from martini shakers to champagne buckets. These are especially great for office events, where, imprinted with the corporate logo, these accessories are sure to be used again and again. And don’t forget the personalized glass stemware!
  5. Hand out the party bags: Party bags are a must! Include plenty of items like personalized photo frames and custom T-shirts so your guests will have souvenirs to take home with them. And the custom paper bags by necessity should have Oscar ballots in them. Don’t forget the pens for filling them out.
  6. Have everyone cast their votes: Once everyone’s finished up their ballots, collect them all and keep them somewhere safe – you’ll need them later.
  7. Unveil the grand prize: What’s an Oscars party with a prize of your own for the guest with the most accurate ballot to take home? Whatever you choose as grand prize, make sure it’s personalized and custom made to mark the occasion. Check out Inkhead’s variety of custom gifts for ideas.
  8. Watch the show! Who will you be voting for? It’s sure to be a tight race all through the awards, especially with acclaimed films like Lincoln, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Zero Dark Thirty going head to head. In fact, you might need to throw a pre-Oscars party party just to catch up on all the great films!
  9. Don’t forget dessert: Themed desserts are a great idea, especially since Oscar statue-shaped cookies are an easy (and tasty!) option.
  10. Find out who takes home the prize at your Oscar Party: Once the show itself is over, take out the ballots and tally out who most accurately predicted the outcome. This clairvoyant film buff gets to take home the awesome personalized gift you picked out! Maybe it’s a trophy he or she can keep on the mantle for all time – just like a certain other famous award.

Have Your Own Oscar Party Ideas? Share ’em!

So whatever your Oscars party plans, don’t be caught without all the necessary goods. Check in with InkHead for great promotional products and personalized goodies!

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