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Office Wellness Tips and Wellness Incentive Ideas to Transform Your Staff

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Complement your office workplace wellness program with promotional items

Complement your office workplace wellness program with promotional items

In recent years, workplace wellness programs have become one of the most popular health initiatives in America. The idea behind them is relatively simple: Employers save money on healthcare and productivity costs, employees improve their lifestyles and general well-being, and everyone wins. All it takes is a little organization on the boss’s behalf. Curious why it might benefit you to start a wellness program – and, more importantly, how you can get your employees excited and active within it? Just consider this office wellness tips primer and these promotional items. You’ll see the benefits in no time at all.

Office Wellness Tips That Really Work

The need for prevention
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases – conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes – are among the top killers in America. But they don’t only take a toll on lives – treatment for chronic disease accounts for more than three-quarters of the $2.5 trillion spent each year on medical costs in the nation. The CDC signified that obesity was one of the highest contributors to healthcare costs, with approximately $147 billion in medical bills in 2008 related to weight.

But weight isn’t the only contingency. According to the CDC, risk-related lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, poor diet and other factors can also influence overall well-being and contribute to chronic disease. And many of the indirect costs of poor health can be costly to employers, too. This may include reduced productivity, absenteeism or disability. And the estimated losses to employers are at about $1,685 per employee annually.

However, the CDC noted that promoting health in the workplace through educational programs, health screenings, gym memberships or onsite facilities could turn all of this around. In fact, over a period of two to five years, an efficiently run wellness program can yield an average of $3 in return for every dollar spent. But in order to run a successful wellness program, you have to have participants who aren’t just willing, but devoted. Luckily, a few promotional items can help with that.

Build excitement
Employers have a number of resources at their disposal to get employees on board with a new wellness initiative, no matter how modest or large-scale. They can cite figures, offer incentives, assign wellness leaders and coaches – and they can invest in morale-building promotional items.

InkHead has a breadth of great products to choose from. Start with personalized water bottles, which you can get in BPA-free plastic or lightweight stainless steel. Either way, it will have your company logo printed brightly on the side, so employees will feel like part of a team effort to improve company wellness.

Of course, you can encourage employees to take up sporting activities outside the gym as well. If part of your wellness program includes an office basketball team, you may want to invest in custom sports balls bearing your company name.

Build your brand
Of course, in the process of getting employees in good shape and reducing the cost of illness and productivity loss, you’re also building a solid reputation for your company. You can invest in promotional T-shirts for employees that will spread news of your new office wellness initiative. This will do more than just spotlight you as a local leader in workplace health: It’s going to draw better workers to your company looking for jobs. Wellness programs are one of the country’s top employee incentives. So each custom duffel bag you invest in can build your brand exponentially!

What Wellness Incentive Ideas Have Worked for Your Business?

Have any other wellness program tips, from nutrition to yoga classes? What about great promotional products to build awareness and excitement? Let us know!

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