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Office Games

Learn how to create your own official office games.

With the arrival of the 2014 winter games , the spirit of the games has reached an all-time high across the nation and around the world. What is it about the spirit of the games that brings out the best in all of us? It just might be the idea that teamwork–a group of individuals bound by a common thread and working towards a common goal–can rise above life’s challenges. The same goes for your business–and we’re ready to show you how to create an officer games compewtition to bring out the best in your employees.

Games Inside the Office

The next phase of office games brings the participants back into the office for a series of contests inspired by everyday office activities. Of course, each event features a twist that adds an increased level of difficulty–and humor–to the competition.

The Circular File. Participants each get five sheets of balled-up paper (TPS reports work well here.) Participants throw their paper balls into trash cans set up five, ten, and fifteen feet away from the line. Shots that go in win points.

The Phone Call Transfer. Participants race from the starting line to a telephone. When the participant answers the phone, someone on the line will ask for a particular employee–which the participant will transfer the call to correctly. The fastest correct transfers win points.

Priority Mail. Participants must pick up five envelopes addressed to different employees. Participants must alphabetize them correctly and hand them to the judge. Points are awarded for the fastest correctly alphabetized envelope stack.

The Staple Pull.  Participants are given a custom stapler remover and a piece of card stock with 25 embedded staples. Points are awarded to the participant who pulls out the most staples without damaging the card stock

The Outdoor Events

This set of events tests the participants’ speed and agility. These games are best played in an open area of the office–removing potential hazards that might be lying about is highly suggested. Also, grouping employees into teams gives these events a ‘relay race’ feel.

Getting the Run-Around. Participating teams must run around each of the three station judges. After making a complete circle around the judge, participants must shake the judge’s hand and sprint back to their line for the tag-off. The fastest completed event wins points.

Jumping to Conclusions. Create the course by lining tables and benches up one after the other. Participants must jump over the first bench, crawl under the next table, jump over the next bench, and crawl under the last table. All tables and benches must remain standing–if one falls or is moved, the participant must start that leg over.

Office Chair Relays. Participants must sit in a swivel chair–facing forward–with a promotional mug of coffee/water in their hand. Participants must propel themselves forward using only their feet. The group who finishes first wins points and the team with the most remaining coffee/water wins points.

Swivel Chair. Participants run from the starting line to their swivel chair and sit down. Participants must then spin themselves around in the swivel chair five times, then race back to the starting line. The team completing the race first wins points.

Games that Feature the Boss

You know him. You love her. The final set of office  games features events centered on the boss. It’s all in good fun–but you might be amazed at how mysteriously cathartic this set of games can really be.

The Boss Toss. This game requires a life-sized mannequin. Participants hold ‘the boss’ by the feet and swing it in circles–similar to throwing the discus. The participant releases the mannequin onto the playing field between the out-of-bounds lines. Longest distance in bounds wins points.

The Boss Bull’s-Eye. This game requires paintball accessories. Participants don protective gear and grasp a paintball pistol. At the whistle, participants run to the firing area, lie on the ground, and fire five shots at the bull’s eye (an enlarged photo of the boss adds realism). Shots closest to the eyes win points.

So, just what is the goal of your office games? Yes, it will allow employees to relax and blow off some of the steam that accumulates from day to day. It will also be a day filled with laughs and good-natured ribbing. But you should drive home the concept of teamwork–the oft amazing challenges that can be overcome when your employees work together the pursuit of a common goal. Teamwork is what the office games are all about–and that should be your team’s focus, as well.

Let Team InkHead help you to make your office games a success! From sports-themed apparel–such as promotional headbands, track jackets, custom drink ware and logo t-shirts–to dazzling post-contest awards–such as water bottles, temporary tattoos, and custom foiled chocolate medallions–we’ve got what you need to make your employees feel appreciated.

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