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Show your appreciation during Nurses Week with these 5 fun ideas

Show your appreciation during Nurses Week with these 5 fun ideas

Show your appreciation during Nurses Week with these 5 fun ideas

It would be easy for this May 6 through 12 to pass like any other week, but for members of the nursing profession and the families and patients they’ve helped, this is a very special time. Nurses Week was established in order to help spread the word about what dedicated and caring work the men and women working in the profession devote themselves to daily. If you’re looking for great ways to celebrate, whether as a doctor, healthcare professional or hospital head, these five ideas for Nurses’ Week are fun, respectful and perfect for showing your appreciation.

5 Fun Ideas for Nurses’ Week

  1. Host a celebration: The party doesn’t have to be large, but hosting an event for all the nurses on staff and their immediate families is a great way to cap off Nurses Week. Encourage everyone to kick back and have fun while sharing stories about memorable events from the past year. And don’t forget to hand out a gift to everyone – promotional coffee mugs printed with NURSES WEEK 2013 are a lovely idea.
  2. Hold a ceremony to honor nurses for years of service: As part of a celebration or during a separate ceremony, you may want to consider honoring one or several specific nurses who have devoted many years to their profession. That kind of tenacity, bravery and devotion is hard to come by!
  3. Sponsor a fundraiser for a local healthcare charity: Celebrate nurses while also fundraising for a local cause by hosting a charity event. Have your nurses agree on a charity to support, then invite the community to the event and offer prizes for donations. Custom T-shirts are a great way for attendees to show off their support for the nursing profession, so consider handing these out. Another great option might be custom towels emblazoned with an iconic healthcare or nursing image.
  4. Organize a community contest in honor of local nurses: Another fun way to get the whole community outside your doctor’s office or hospital involved in Nurses Week is by hosting a contest. Advertise in your neighborhood and post directions and rules on your website. Possible contests could include writing about nurses, creating artwork celebrating nurses or other creative endeavors. Don’t forget to display submitted work!
  5. Hand out RN pins to everyone you know: The acronym RN stands for Registered Nurse and have always been iconic of the profession and all that these healthcare workers represent. Design your own specialized RN promotional pins with Inkhead, then hand them out to everyone you know to wear all during Nurses Week. But don’t only give each of your friends, families and coworkers only one pin. Order wholesale and offer a handful so that they can continue to spread word about Nurses Week!

What ideas for Nurses’ Week do you have?

Are you a healthcare professional with some tips to add? Let us know what you think are the best ways to celebrate Nurses Week!

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