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What Do You Think About the New Zodiac Signs?


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Perhaps you heard the news late last week: the astrological sign with which you have identified for your entire life may no longer be accurate, or you may even have an entirely new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus (otherwise known as Serpentarius).

The story spread through the social networks like wildfire, with millions of indignant people (such as my girlfriend) stating, “Forget this story. I’m still a Libra, even if it says I’m now a Virgo.” Incidentally, my zodiac sign wouldn’t have changed under the new 13-sign cycle—once a Taurus, always a Taurus, I guess. Almost as quickly as the story lit up Facebook and Twitter, news sites such as CNN and ABC News posted their own articles refuting the findings of the astronomer quoted in the original Minneapolis Star article (which, consequently, is no longer available in its original form).

The bottom line is that the information posited by the astronomer who initially made the announcement has been known since the Babylonians created the system. To quote the ABC News article, “[A]strologers and astronomers — two groups that don’t always see eye-to-eye — agree that this is old news. About 3,000 years old. Western astrologers included the wobble of the Earth’s axis in their calculations centuries ago. The Zodiac we are all familiar with is still perfectly valid (as valid, anyway, as the Zodiac ever was).”

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Custom Almanac Calendar

In light of this controversy, it may be a fun idea to get a promotional item that features the zodiac calendar—or maybe some stress balls in the shape of one of the figures in the zodiac, such as Taurus the bull or Pisces the fish (unfortunately, this item is no longer available).

For instance, the Custom Almanac Calendar (pictured below) offers weather information, moonrise times, sunrise and sunset times, best planting guides and best fishing days, in addition to the zodiac calendar. And because the zodiac hasn’t changed, the calendar reflects the most accurate astrology!

Please bear in mind that the items featured in this post are subject to availability, so be sure to check with a promotions specialist before ordering to ensure that the Promotional Items you want are in stock.

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