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InkHead Rolls Out New URLs


What’s in a URL?

Ever meet a friend for a drink at a bar or restaurant that you’ve never been to before? Ever have to drive to an office that you’ve never visited? It’s these sort of situations that make addresses and other identifying features of a business essential to consumers.

The Web is no different. Addresses are absolutely vital. Another word for a web address is URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, and selecting meaningful URLs is key in making sure that both humans can locate your website and search engines can index your site easily. This goes beyond selecting a domain name (e.g., that’s easy to remember and extends to making sure that the URLs of individual pages on the website make sense.

InkHead Rolls Out New URLs

Last Friday, InkHead rolled out new URLs for all of its product and category pages. For example, the URL to our Day Planners & Organizers category used to be the unwieldy Since the rollout of the new URLs, you can now access our selection of Custom Promotional Day Planners and Personalized Promotional Organizers at

Here’s another example, this time with our product URLs. We’ve shortened the URL for our Foyer Desktop Cell Phone Holder from to the much more manageable Again, we’ve done this for every item in our catalog. and we’ve ensured that all old product pages will redirect to the new ones, so you don’t need to worry about hitting a 404 page.

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, the shorter the URL, the better. We hope the shorter URLs on our website will make it easier for you to share links with your friends and coworkers. It’s just one more way that we here at InkHead Promotional Products are doing everything we can to make buying Imprinted Promotional Items as painless as possible.

Remember, the items featured in this post are subject to availability; please call 800-554-0127 to confirm stock.

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