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New Employee Gifts: 10 Products to Greet New Employees


These new employee gifts will have your new team member excited to join your company!

Bringing on new talent? Don’t neglect to outfit a new employee with great promotional items during his or her first few weeks at work! Whether you’re helping the incoming talent to get organized or just pumping up team pride, these promotional products are sure to win over your workers.  Consider these top ten must-have office supplies that InkHead can customize for your needs.

New Employee Gifts: 10 Items to Welcome a New Employee

  1. Padfolio: Looking for a great way to welcome on a new employee or intern? On his or her very first day, hand over a custom padfolio imprinted with the company logo. It’s sure to come in handy for taking notes as the training process gets underway.
  2. Calendars: Staying organized is about more than just having a clean desk. Help your new employee stay on top of daily and weekly events, like meetings, calls and even the office book club, with a handy custom calendar.
  3. Memo board: Place one of these great personalized memo boards outside a cubicle so that even when your new employee isn’t at his or her desk, coworkers can jot down a quick message, whether it’s about a rescheduled meeting or an invitation to the bar after work.
  4. Business card holder: One of the greatest pleasures of a new job comes when you get your first set of business cards. Double your new employee’s pride in his or her position with a business card holder.
  5. Valet and organizer: Make sure that cubicle stays clean and tidy with a personalized valet and organizer. There are a variety to choose from, so find an option that fits the office decor best and order a bunch to distribute to all your employees as gifts thanking them for their hard work.
  6. Writing utensils: This goes without saying, but you can bet that your new employee will build up a level of office pride carrying a stylish custom pen featuring your company name. Choose from a variety of well-known and respected brands, including Sharpie, Paper Mate and Uni-Ball. Don’t forget a few highlighters and other writing instruments as well!
  7. Computer bag: Chances are, your new employee will be taking a little work home some weekends, which requires toting a laptop back and forth. Show your appreciation for the dedication with a custom computer bag bearing the company logo.
  8. Sticky notes: Even in our modern day and age with the advent of tablet computers and smartphones, most of us still use a lot of sticky notes. Whether annotating a presentation or tagging his or her lunch in the break room fridge, your new employee is bound to find these custom sticky notes super helpful. Why not go with a trusted brand name, too, like Post-it?
  9. Stress balls: There’s no use pretending otherwise – sometimes a new job comes with trials and tribulations. But when the work gets tough, the tough get stress balls. Show you’ve got a sense of humor with a few personalized stress balls printed with friendly reminders that Friday is right around the corner!
  10. Personalized sweatshirt: After a long day at the office, there are some nights when your new employee is just going to want to curl up on the couch and veg out with the TV and some tasty takeout. Make sure he or she is as comfortable as can be in a personalized sweatshirt repping your corporation. These are also great for wearing to the gym, especially when coupled with a promotional water bottle!  Made of soft and cozy cotton from a reputable brand like Hanes, Jerzees or American Apparel, one of these sweatshirts is sure to become a weekend favorite in no time at all.

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