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Custom Employee Gifts: The Latest New Employee Gift Ideas for Your Business

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Welcome your new employees with promotional products from InkHead.

New employees are great for any business. They instill renewed morale, help build the office culture and usually signal the growth of a thriving company. But whether you’re a small-scale start up or a large, national corporation, sometimes your new employees are going to feel a little intimidated or lost amid this new corporate world. For instance, a clerk at a law office may feel bowled over by the sheer amount of paperwork.

One of the best ways to guide them through is with employee gifts. A welcome-aboard personalized tote bag is a good place to start. Or go with a trusty custom coffee mug, since few workers can get by without their daily dose of caffeine.

The benefit to learning about the latest new employee gift ideas for your company is two-fold. First, a gift is sure to make your new employee feel welcome. And promotional items with your company logo printed on the side make it clear that he or she is now part of the team.

On the other hand, your gift is a great marketing tactic on the company’s behalf. In the instance of the law office clerk, a promotional tote bag is also part of an attorney marketing plan.

Businessweek pointed out that when it comes to marketing yourself, word of mouth can be extremely effective, but it’s not enough on its own. You need a multi-platform approach – something less ephemeral than just friendly tips or advice from one person to another. This is where promotional products can help out.

New Employee Gift Ideas

  • The best of both worlds

Say you’re running a legal marketing campaign, and you want to help spread the word. What better way to spread word of mouth than a team of your professionals sporting your company logo wherever they go? When it comes to employee gifts, promotional tote bags are a huge help. But they don’t put your name and web address right in potential clients’ hands.

By combining new hires with promotional products and other effective marketing strategies, such as custom pens or promotional magnets, you can slowly build your brand out on the real world. Add some internet marketing through blogs and an up-to-date website, and you could see significant results.

  • Continuing the promotional gift trend

As your new hires settle into their positions and become comfortable at the job, there’s no reason to cease the occasional personalized gift. In fact, as Forbes writer Susan Adams wrote in an op-ed on leadership this year, workers often prefer gifts to small bonuses. In Adams’ particular example, she recalled a beach towel and plastic water bottle given to her as gifts, both of which were printed with a large Forbes logo. She compared these to more recent gifts, like a Kindle Fire or a pricey American Express gift card, noted that while she was happy to receive the newer, pricier tokens of thanks from her parent company, they didn’t hold the same meaning as the earlier towel and water bottle, both of which had spurred her on and motivated her as a worker.

Adams’ is a singularly personal example, but as she illustrates it’s not that different for other company employees. Whether new hires or company veterans, making someone feel like part of a team may be the best marketing strategy of all, especially since a good company requires a great team backing it up.

Want to make promotional products part of your marketing strategy while simultaneously building team spirit among new hires and veteran employees alike? Consider new employee gift ideas such as custom tote bags or promotional coffee mugs, then take a look at some of InkHead’s corporate gifts, which make for great anniversary gifts for long-term employees.

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