Encourage employee and client wellness for National Safety Month

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Encourage employee and client wellness for National Safety Month

Here are items to encourage employee and client wellness for National Safety Month.

Every June, the National Safety Council makes a push for greater health and wellness awareness in the workplace with National Safety Month. Once more, NSM hopes to promote better education and employee engagement through its program, helping to make all companies and organizations safer places for workers, employers and visitors alike. By fostering a culture of health and wellness, safety measures can even improve the efficiency and function of a workplace.

One way you can promote better safety habits among your employees is via the right customized products. Don’t stop with safety alone, however. Seek out ways that your workforce can generally improve health and live fuller, more robust lives in and outside of the office. Consider how these safety-promoting products can help.

5 Items to Prepare for National Safety Month

  1. Hand sanitizer: Chances are, there are a quite a few half-finished or dusty bottles of hand sanitizer already floating around your company offices. Do yourself and your employees a favor by tossing out these old, neglected sanitizer bottles and investing in something new, bright and useful. Custom hand sanitizer won’t only help your staff avoid the common cold or worse, it’ll look great with your corporate logo imprinted on the front.
  2. Gym bags: Part of holistic health involves not just safety but regular physical activity. Studies have shown that exercise benefits not only the body, but the brain as well. The more attentive and wary employees are, the better they are at evaluating potential safety concerns. You can encourage your workers to head out to the gym more often by giving them stylish gym bags with your company logo on the side. It’s not a bad way to build your brand either!
  3. Pedometers: Not everyone is game for treadmills and weight training, but you can still encourage healthy habits by offering everyone their own promotional pedometers. Measuring an individual’s every step, a pedometer can make basic exercise goals much easier – and even fun – to set.
  4. Safety products: InkHead actually carries a variety of promotional safety products, all of which are great additions to your company – from bandage dispensers to ponchos, first aid kits and flashlights. These aren’t just great gifts to hand out to employees for them to keep at home or in their cars, as having plenty of safety supplies on hand in your office is also key to emergency preparation.
  5. Silicone bracelets: Sometimes the best way to promote safety in your workplace is simply through awareness. In recent times, one of the most popular ways to build up attention around a movement – like National Safety Month – has been through silicone bracelets. These brightly colored bands are about as iconic as promotional products get, and bearing your company name and safety message, they’re sure to reflect well on your business while also building awareness around National Safety Month.

How do you plan to recognize National Safety Month?

Have some great ideas of your own for quality safety products in the workplace? Let us know what you’ve come up with.

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