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Promote Good Health this May for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

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Health and wellness are major topics in the U.S. these days. From gyms to doctors offices, getting the word out there about the benefits of good health is a daunting but not impossible task. One thing that’s sure to help is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, which starts May 1. Health clubs, physicians, clinics, nutritionists and schools looking to promote better wellness habits among customers, patients, students and the public at large will want to take advantage of this time of year. Promotional products don’t just work to build good business, they can carry lifestyle-changing messages. Consider these four and how they might change a few lives by promoting healthier choices.

4 Items to Prepare for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

  1. Wellness incentives: Workplace wellness is a huge trend in offices around the country. More and more, employers are discovering that not just health insurance but better lifestyles are improving employees in far more ways than just physical fitness. Workers who participate in wellness programs are more productive, less stressed and generally better employees. If you own a business and are pioneering a health-promotion program with your employees, you might want to consider how wellness incentives could drive workers to positive lifestyle changes and improved on-the-job efficiency.
  2. Fitness gift sets: Looking for a fun way to show customer appreciation? Want to thank your oldest and most loyal patients? Need prizes for school events this May? One of the best ways to reward hard work or just say “Thanks!” is with a present, and a few custom fitness gift sets could be a great personalized way to do so! From Pilates balls to golf sets or resistance bands, you can take your pick of a variety of great promotional items sure to inspire physical fitness.
  3. Sports products: Ideal for high school sporting events or as a fun way to raise awareness for physical fitness at the doctor’s office, sports promotional products like pro balls, duffel bags, wristbands, water bottles or performance clothing are perfect for raising awareness about health and wellness.
  4. Pedometers: Sometimes the best and most relaxing physical fitness isn’t the most intensive. Promote better health one step at a time by dispensing custom pedometers that will inspire folks to go the extra mile for their own well being.

How will you commemorate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month?

Have your own health and wellness promotional ideas? Let us know what products you think work best!

Looking for wellness incentives? Shop Now »

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