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Must-Know Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Promotional Products

Must-Know Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Promotional Products

Must-Know Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Promotional Products

Offering custom corporate gifts and promotional items are great ways to build an amicable relationship with your existing customer base while also spreading the word of your business to other potential clients. After all, everyone everywhere loves getting free stuff, so it’s guaranteed to help your organization grow, right? Well, not so fast. People may love promotional tote bags and custom coffee mugs, but those don’t necessarily translated into instant sales.

Not surprisingly, your business isn’t the first one to realize the marketing potential of free stuff, so you can bet that for every stress ball you hand out, there are about a dozen similar ones crowding that person’s desk drawer. You need to exercise a little creativity to make sure that your products stand out in the bunch. To help you along the way, here are a few must-know tips to maximize the effectiveness of your custom promotional products.

Bigger is better

While it might not be true in all cases, bigger is certainly better when it comes to free marketing gifts. Why is this? Let’s use personalized pens as an example. Sure, your logo and business name is right there on the side, but chances are that pen is surrounded by many more like it in a desktop coffee mug somewhere. You need to encourage that person to reach for YOUR pen, something that’ll be much easier if it’s the fatter and taller one poking out of the group.

Keep it practical

Fun promotional gifts like a whistle or rubber ball are fun – for about 10 minutes until the person forgets about them forever. The most effective advertising is going to come from items that people need and use on a regular basis, so stick with practical products. Custom water bottles, coffee mugs and even refrigerator magnets come into play almost every day, so these are the best places to stamp your logo.

Do it for the kids

There is one instance when you should consider ditching the practical route for a more fun option – children’s toys. After all, if there’s one group that loves free stuff more than potential customers, it’s their kids. Teddy bears, beach balls, squirt guns, hacky sacks and yo-yos are great and inexpensive gifts that little ones are sure to love, and that’s bound to get the message to their parents too.

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