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Monthly Holiday Calendar for December

National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day: Channel your inner Cookie Monster.

Holidays & Observances for 12/1-4

In case you didn’t hear already, yesterday (December 1) was World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day seeks to raise awareness that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is still very real, despite noteworthy advancements in the prevention and management of the disease. If you didn’t get a chance to create a promotion related to World AIDS Day, not to worry. World AIDS Day kicks off World AIDS Awareness Month, so you still have some time to get your red AIDS awareness ribbons.

December 1 also marked the start of Hanukkah, the Jewish celebration commemorating the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean revolt in the 2nd century BCE. Here’s a little known fact for you:

Although the holiday is celebrated by Jewish people around the world, the American celebration of the holiday can be traced back to “the second half of the 19th century when two rabbis in Cincinnati noticed their Jewish children didn’t have much connection to the synagogue,” according to a recent NPR article. In order to re-establish that connection, the rabbis developed a celebration of Hanukkah for the children that also included gift-giving.

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day of observance founded by the United Nations. If any of your employees, coworkers, or clients have a disability, December 3 is a great day to show them how much you appreciate them.

Something sweet this way comes this Saturday. December 4 is National Cookie Day, so if you have any customers who are cookie monsters like me, think about an edible promotion. We have a wide selection of Custom Promotional Cookies available, but my personal favorite is item #11026 Bounty 1 Gallon Tin – Chocolate Chip Cookies. A gallon of chocolate chip cookies? Count me in!

Holidays & Observances for 12/5-11

Day of the Ninja

Day of the Ninja: Channel your inner Farley.

Perhaps the observance for which I’m most excited, the Day of the Ninja falls on December 5. Take this day as an opportunity to dress as a ninja, stalk around like a ninja, or communicate in silence like a ninja. Unfortunately, we do not carry any throwing stars or nunchucks, so think about getting some stealth tumblers or a handy custom survival tool for all those agile customers or employees of yours.

An international day of observance created by the United Nations, Volunteer Day (December 5) honors the thousands of volunteers that donate their time to help the less fortunate all over the globe. It also serves as a reminder to those who have not volunteered recently to try and make some time over the next year to do so. Why not buy some nifty Corporate Gifts to reward those employees who gave of themselves this year? And for those who have forgotten, they should think about also celebrating Procrastination Awareness Month and pick up some custom notepads to remind them.

Don’t like cookies? It’s a good thing that December 8 is National Brownie Day then. Once you’ve whipped up a batch and they’ve cooled, you will need to cut them, so think about getting our promotional cut-it tool, ideal for perfectly slicing brownies, pizza, and more!

Human Rights Day is December 10, and it is one of the most prominent observances created by United Nations, with its establishment dating back to 1950. December 10 is a great day to take a moment to think about the individuals living in countries where their rights as humans are ignored or exploited. Things may be tough for many of us these days, but there are others in the world who have far worse lots.

Holidays & Observances for 12/12-18

Underdog Day

National Underdog Day: Channel Your Inner Rudy

Poinsettia Day, December 12, honors both the plant and the botanist,  Joel Roberts Poinsett, the nineteenth-century statesman who originally introduced the Mexican plant to the USA. If haven’t already bought one, December 12 is a great day to buy a poinsettia plant for the holiday season.

What is it about a hot beverage on a cold day that is so satisfying? Most times, a hot cup o’ joe is just what the doctor ordered on a frigid morning, but I don’t always feel like coffee. Come National Cocoa Day on December 13, I shall fill my cup with cocoa instead of coffee! Just imagine filling up one of our oversize Personalized Bistro Coffee Mugs with some hot, chocolatey deliciousness. What a great holiday gift for your employees or customers!

College Bowl season is nearly upon us, and just in time, Underdog Day falls on December 17. Why not buy a promotional product that supports your favorite school or team? Speaking of dogs, Underdog Day is a great opportunity for pet stores, groomers, and adoption agencies to run a promotion, and InkHead has a wide array of Custom Promotional Pet Products.

Holidays & Observances for 12/19-25

December 21 is a busy day: the Winter Solstice, Look at the Bright Side Day, and National Flashlight Day all occur. Although Look at the Bright Side Day is mostly a greeting card holiday, the first day of Winter is a good opportunity to give your customers or workers a nice piece of promotional outerwear, such as a Personalized Promotional Jacket or a Customized Beanie Hat.

Don’t feel like buying apparel? Consider celebrating National Flashlight Day and dropping some LED Promotional Flashlights in your corporate gift bag this year. You know this guy is.

Holidays & Observances for 12/26-31

On December 26, National Whiners Day takes place. If you ask me, it’s really just an excuse for people to complain about all those unwanted fruitcakes and bulky knit sweaters they received as holiday gifts. That said, by 12/26, it’s been a long holiday season, and you’ve earned the right to gripe. But just this once.

December 28 is National Card Playing Day! How exciting. When you get a chance, play a rousing game of go-fish or rummy with a friend or loved one today. This is also a great day to hold an employee poker party or host a casino night. Incidentally, InkHead carries a broad swath of Custom Promotional Playing Cards. No joke(r).

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