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Military Promotional Product Ideas Support Troops and Their Families

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military promotional product ideas

These military promotional product ideas encourage support for soldiers and families.

Nothing is tougher on a military family than deployment. While the soldier is away, spouses and children are forced to carry on with life in real time while suppressing feelings of anxiousness and worry over the safe return of their loved ones. That’s why supporting our troops and their families should be our Number One priority. And that’s where Team InkHead comes in. We supply collections of quality military promotional products used to catalyze the support our soldiers need desperately. Here’s how.

Military Promotional Product Giveaways to Raise Awareness

It’s a successful promotion technique that has stood the test of time. Community and civic organizations purchase a collection of low-cost military promotional products, customized with the soldier names, unit identification, and deployment dates and destinations. Then, the products are given out in grocery store parking lots, town festivals, and at other high-visibility events.

Check out these ideas for affordable military-themed promotional product giveaways:

  • Custom Pens. Low price entry and high usability make pens a natural choice
  • Logo Carabiners. These do-it-all attachments are unique and memorable products
  • Promo T-shirts. T-shirts offer large imprint areas and prices starting as low as $5

Remember–support is not just about money. Even if recipients don’t donate anything, these affordable military promotional product ideas will garner awareness and goodwill–which might mean even more to troops and their families during deployment.

High-End Military Promotional Product Ideas for Auctions and Sales

If earning donations is the primary goal of your campaign, InkHead offers a selection of high-end, quality military promotional products that will encourage donors to open their checkbooks and give generously. The trick is to choose products with a high perceived value that can be customized with meaningful and engaging accoutrements.

Here are a few of our favorite high-end, military-themed promotional products:

  • Custom Hydration Backpacks. High-quality water packs perfect for athletic-minded donors
  • Promotional Duffel & Sport Bags. Quality duffels and bags make traveling a breeze
  • Logo Backpacks. Durable sling packs that are perfect carry-alls for business and pleasure

With a collection of high-end military-themed promotional products, you can establish a multi-level donation structure or launch an exciting product auction.

InkHead Promotional Products is your source for military promotional products to support troops and their families. Our brand experts are standing by to offer campaign ideas and buying guidance guaranteed to make your next military promotion a success.

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